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Beach Safety Tips to Know and Share with Your Family and Friends

Everyone looks forward to an Ocean Isle Beach vacation filled with sunny beach days spent by the sand and sea. As parents, we know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Before you go, it’s always a good idea to discuss beach safety with your family and answer any questions that may arise. Here are a few helpful recommendations on what topics to discuss—and what to know before you go.

Know the beach rules.

Every beach is different when it comes to local rules and regulations, so it’s always best to read up on the do’s and don’ts before you go. You can find the Town of Ocean Isle Beach rules here. Read and discuss these with your family before you arrive to avoid any potential problems or issues.

Town of Ocean Isle Beach Welcome Sign | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

Use sun protection and lots of it.

Those long sunny days at the beach require more sun protection than your family is probably used to. Be proactive and provide multiple ways for your family to stay protected from the sun. If you have beach umbrellas, use them. Beach canopies are also awesome for families. Apply broad spectrum sunscreen to everyone (including yourself) before you leave your Ocean Isle Beach rental. Once the kids hit the sand, they’re going to be much harder to wrangle them up—and even harder to get that sunscreen applied. Oftentimes protective clothing is the best way to protect your kids from the sun’s harmful rays. Rash guards, hats, and sunglasses are always a good idea.

Drink water and stay hydrated.

You definitely have to be mindful about keeping yourself and your family hydrated while on the beach. Bring enough water for everyone. You can also pack frozen popsicles, fresh fruit, and other tasty treats in your beach cooler that will encourage your kids to get the fluids they need throughout the day.

Girl eating watermelon on a beach blanket | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

Keep young children and untrained swimmers at arm’s length.

It’s very important to know the swimming abilities of your children and to keep a watchful eye on them when they’re playing near or swimming in the ocean. Even if they are proficient swimmers in a pool, they may not be in the ocean which is a completely different environment with waves, undercurrents, and other unknown factors. Young children should always wear US Coast Guard approved life jackets that fit properly. Keep young children and those who can’t swim at arm’s length of someone who can.

Watch the beach warning flags.

Even if you have checked the beach conditions when you arrived at the beach, it’s important to continue to monitor them as conditions can change throughout the day. Review the different beach warning flags with your family before you start your beach days, and always pay attention to the current ocean conditions.

Beach warning flags sign | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

Teach yourself and your family about rip currents.

According to NOAA, rip currents are powerful, narrow channels of fast-moving water that move at speeds of up to eight feet per second (faster than an Olympic swimmer!). Panicked swimmers often try to counter a rip current by swimming straight back to shore which only leads to fatigue that can result in drowning. If caught in a rip current, don’t fight it! Swim parallel to the shore and swim back to land at an angle.

This is why understanding the beach flag system is key to keeping your family safe from rip currents. Beaches will post flags indicating days that rip currents are likely. A red flag means there is a high probability of rip currents. Double red flags indicate that swimming is prohibited in that area for the day.

what beach safety tips do you use with your family?

We’d love to hear how keep your family safe during your beach vacation. You also find more OIB beach safety tips here. ⤵

Beach Safety Tips to Know and Share with Your Family and Friends
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