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Summer is here and it’s time to hit the beach. Here on Ocean Isle Beach we have miles of perfect beaches for your family to enjoy. However, being on the beach means being aware of how to enjoy the day safely. Here are the best safety tips for your family this summer.

Use The Buddy System

When you’re away from home it’s a good idea to ensure that everyone has someone to be accountable to and for. Using a buddy system helps to make certain that no one is alone or unattended. This is especially true for larger families or groups of people with more than one kid in tow. There is definitely safety in numbers.

Follow Safe Swimming Practices

One of the most important things to do when swimming is to follow the basics of safe swimming. Here are five easy rules to remember.

1- Never swim alone

2- Never swim while under the influence

3- Know your limits

4- Never leave children unattended

5- If you are a new or inexperienced swimmer wear a coast guard approved floatation device

Be Careful of the Marine Life

You’re in their territory, and although the marine wildlife most likely means no harm to you, it’s important for kids to be aware, mindful, and respectful of the aquatic environment and inhabitants around them. Jellyfish can sting whether they are alive or dead. Leaving sea turtle nests and other animal life undisturbed is part of respecting the coastal environment. It also helps to maintain the safety of the beach’s natural inhabitants. Ask your kids not to poke and prod any marine wildlife, but particularly anything that may cause them unintended harm. Stay away from murky waters and under or around piers where people are fishing for optimal prevention and protection.

Learn To Identify Rip Currents

The ocean is one of nature’s great playgrounds. Ocean Isle Beach is incredibly lucky to be home to some of the best beaches on the east coast. Most days the ocean is a gentle giant, but you must remember to respect her power. Sadly, each year a few unlucky visitors find themselves caught in a rip current. This can be scary! However, panicking is the worst reaction. Make sure to read the posters about how to avoid and get out of a rip current. Take a moment to watch this video to find out from the pros how to have a safe and memorable day on the beach.

Wear Sunscreen

Let’s be honest for a minute? Sunscreen is like flossing. Sure, ideally you’re supposed to do it after every meal, but none of us do.The same can be said for sunscreen and sun protection in general. Do you wear a hat or an SPF rated shirt? Reapplying after every splash in the waves sounds, well, a lot like work. However, few things can ruin your day like a bad sunburn. The medical professionals recommend you use a sunscreen with a rating of at least SPF 30 for extended and intense exposure to the sun. Don’t forget to reapply frequently for the best protection. Want some natural sunscreen ideas and remedies? Check out our previous post: Cures For Too Much Sun Fun In Ocean Isle Beach That Will Blow Your Mind.

Have A Plan

A beach vacation with the kids is one of life’s great joys. A family vacation to Ocean Isle Beach is sure to be one full of wonderful memories. However, there are special considerations for those traveling with small children and adventurous teens. Having a safety plan in the event your child gets lost or separated from you is easy and will give you an added sense of security. Here are three easy steps to follow.

Pick A Place To Meet

If you get separated from your children, make sure they have a place they can meet you. First, have one adult go to a designated area. This way the children know where to tell local emergency services where to find you. Second, pick a place for the kids to meet if they get lost. Maybe a lifeguard stand, or another safe area.

Review Safe Contacts

Make sure your kids know how to identify police, fire, and EMS professionals. Ocean Isle Beach has wonderful public safety employees. These dedicated individuals help us have one of the safest cities in the state. However, a little review for the kids never hurt.


No plan works if it isn’t practiced. Back in the day, kids called 911 from home. With this as a plan go ahead and do a practice run. Make it fun and reassure the kids this is only for an emergency. Add a special treat after the practice to make it light and fun.

Now that you have everything you need to have a safe day on the beach its time to plan your perfect beach vacation. Call one of our reservationists at (800) 727-9222 to find the perfect Ocean Isle Beach vacation or click the button below to explore our entire inventory of amazing vacation homes.

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