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Surf's Up! Ocean Isle Beach Surf Special.

Are you feeling that craving in your soul, the desire to feel the power of the waves as you surf the waves of Ocean Isle Beach? Have you ever watched with a little bit of envy as surfers carved and glided over the water? Well if this sounds like you then you'll love t... View the full post »

A Shore Thing: 10 Awesome Kid Friendly Activities for the Beach

Looking for some awesome things to do with the kids during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation? We thought you might be. Today we have ten exciting activities the kids are sure to love. From indoor to outdoor and everything in between there is something for every age group in t... View the full post »

Your Guide to Spring Fishing on Ocean Isle Beach

"There are always new places to go fishing. For any fisherman there's always a new place, always a new horizon." by Jack Nicklaus Can you feel that? Warm weather is here! With warm weather comes warmer water and of course, that means sprin... View the full post »

How To Protect Your Ocean Isle Beach Vacation

It's that time of year! Time to plan your Ocean Isle Beach vacation.  From playful days on the beach with the kids to romantic dinners overlooking the water and everything in between, relaxing on OIB is easy. But, (and there's always a but) what happens if yo... View the full post »

Our Staff's Favorite Places to Eat on Ocean Isle Beach.

Have you ever wondered where the locals eat on Ocean Isle Beach? Wonder no more. Today we highlight all the best places you can eat on your Ocean Isle Beach vacation. More accurately, we are introducing you to all of the places we love to eat. After all, amazing food is p... View the full post »

How to Have an Awesome Easter Vacation on Ocean Isle Beach

Is there anything better than celebrating Easter on Ocean Isle Beach? With miles of beautiful beaches, few crowds, and great weather, Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect place to gather the family this spring for an Easter Celebration. Here are some events, tips, and ideas on... View the full post »

15 Fun Facts You Never Knew About Ocean Isle Beach

Ocean Isle Beach is known as the "Gem" of Brunswick County. This small barrier island in North Carolina is famous for its beautiful beaches, but there is so much more than meets the eye to Ocean Isle Beach. An Ocean Isle Beach vacation is the perfect way to explore one of the Atlantic Coast... View the full post »

The Best Spring Events on Ocean Isle Beach

Spring is almost here, and Ocean Isle Beach is ready with loads of great family-friendly events and activities that you won't want to miss. Here are some of the best events in and around the area that are perfect for your Ocean Isle Beach vacation. Bunny Dayz Easter Egg Hunt Everyone lov... View the full post »

Learn All About Crabbing on Ocean Isle Beach

  Few things are as fun as crabbing along the beach during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation. Kids and adults alike will love spending time crabbing along the various waterways. It is an easy way to explore the water and catch a great dinner. Today we'll give you everything you need to get ... View the full post »

5 Fabulous Quotes That Will Make You Ready for a Beach Vacation

    Do you dream of long stretches of pristine beaches? Do your ears long to hear the sound of waves crashing against the shore? Does a beach chair and a great book sound heavenly? Do you ever daydream about the perfect Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental? If the answer to any of these ... View the full post »

The Perfect Valentine's Day Awaits You On Ocean Isle Beach

It's that time of year. The time of year when we take a moment to think about the one we love and try and carve out a little time for just the two of you. This year it's time to try something new for Valentine's Day. Forget the same old flowers or box of chocolates. Ok, maybe you sho... View the full post »

National Plan For Vacation Day Is Here

  Tuesday, January 30, 2018 is National Plan for Vacation Day! We all know that person at work. You know, the one who brags they haven't taken a vacation in ten years and has three years of PTO saved up. Well, the folks at VisitNC and the US Travel Association don't want you to... View the full post »

5 Unique Ways to Experience Nature on Your Next Beach Vacation

  No Ocean Isle Beach vacation would be complete without a little adventure and this week we have some great ways to explore the natural environment in and around Ocean Isle Beach. Of course, this means exploring our beautiful waters, salt marshes, and majestic swamps. So grab your camera... View the full post »

Get Beach Fit With These 10 Great Exercises

It might be cold outside but summer isn’t far off and now is the time to get beach fit! If looking your best this summer for your Ocean Isle Beach vacation is your goal then you have turned to the right place. This week we have 10 of the best exercises to help you get in shape and stay in sh... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About Metal Detecting on the Beach

A few years back much to my daughter's horror I was given a Metal Detector for Christmas. And so with glee, I unwrapped my new toy and sought out the hidden treasures I knew were waiting for me at every park and beach I came across. Maybe this year was the year your childhood dream came true... View the full post »