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Why Fishing is the Perfect Way to Maintain Social Distancing

Social distancing is a part of life at the moment, but it does not mean we can’t have fun. If you’re like many of us, getting outside is one of the best ways to stay healthy and active. Of course, since we need to maintain social distancing it is more important than ever to find activities that accommodate for social distancing. Fishing is the perfect answer to getting outside, enjoying the beautiful spring weather, and having a little fun all while maintaining your social distancing requirements. This week we have a few tips and tricks for to help you on your next fishing adventure.

Grab a fishing license

Before you hit the water, don’t forget to get your NC Fishing License. Except for pier fishing, a license a license is required for all fishing in North Carolina. Piers are covered by an inclusive license. To find out more or to purchase a license Click here.

Getting started

One of the best things about fishing is just how easy it is to get started. Like any sport you can spend a lot of money on the latest gear, but in reality a simple rod and reel from Walmart is all you need to get started.

Do you deed a little extra help planning what to get for your first fishing outing? Check out YouTube where you will find loads of great videos on everything from rig setups to the best baits for specific fish. If you follow our blog you will find some great fishing related content. Here are a couple helpful posts we have had in the past:

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Basic equipment list

Rods: medium to medium heavy rod and reel, between 6-9 feet long

Bait: shrimp, squid, live fish, bloodworms, minnows, sand fleas, rubber grubs

Tackle: 2-hook bottom rig, Carolina rig, sinkers, hooks

Here is a list of other items that may come in handy:

5-gallon bucket for bait, a chair, rod holder, knife/pliers, sunscreen and of course, sunglasses!

Places to fish

One of the best things about fishing are all the different places and ways you can enjoy fishing. Ocean Isle Beach is a diverse and beautiful place for vacationers and fishermen alike. There are several ways you can enjoy fishing on Ocean Isle Beach. Here are a few details about each type of fishing you might lie to try on Ocean Isle Beach.


At the Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Pier, you can bring your own or rent fishing equipment. Fishing passes can be purchased for daily, weekly, or seasonal fishing. When you purchase your pass, you will be fishing using the pier’s fishing license…so there is no need to have purchased an individual NC fishing license. The Ocean Isle Beach Fishing Pier is located at 1 West 1st Street.


Surf fishing is a fun and easy way to enjoy both the beach and fishing, plus, it’s a great way to fish with the kids. If you are planning to go surf fishing, then staying in one of Williamson Beach Vacations oceanfront rentals will put you moments away from rod and reel action. Aren’t planning to stay oceanfront? No problem. You can use one of the many public beach access provided by the town of Ocean Isle Beach.


You can either bring your own boat or try a charter. The Ocean Isle Fishing Center has your charter and boat rental needs covered! Hire a captain to guide you and your friends for a fishing expedition, and choose from inshore or offshore. If your boating skills are up to NC standards, then you can also rent a boat, for a half-day or whole-day. If you have brought your own boat for an Ocean Isle Beach fishing trip, then you can use the sound-side public boat ramp.

Kayak fishing

A little different from fishing off sport fishing boats, kayak fishing takes a lot of balance and skill to keep the kayak upright while reeling in the big one. However, kayaking allows you to explore waters other fishermen could only dream of finding. Don’t be intimidated by kayak fishing. Sure it takes a few paddle strokes to build your confidence, but once you get the hang of it you’ll love the freedom kayak fishing gives you.

Share your fish story

Everyone loves share their fishing story and we all love seeing pictures of the “big catch”. Adding your fishing story and pictures of your catch to your favorite social media is a great way to stay connected with your fishing buddies. You could even create a fishing challenge with friends! Just use Instagram or Facebook to post your catch and then throw down the challenge. The sky is the limit with the different challenges you could create.

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Why Fishing is the Perfect Way to Maintain Social Distancing
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