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The Best Easy Upgrades That Add Huge Value To Your Vacation Rental | Williamson Realty Vacations

you recently purchased your first vacation home, or maybe you are a seasoned
vacation homeowner? Either way you want to get the most out of your
investment. The rental market is competitive.
Vacationers are looking to get the best amenities for the value. This week we
have some simple and cost effective upgrades to give you the most out of your
vacation rental that will add value and increase your occupancy rate.

home being renovated | Williamson Realty

Increase curb appeal

There is an old saying in real estate that you can’t beat great curb appeal. Think about it. If you are looking to spend your family’s hard earned money on a beach vacation, ask yourself would you to rent your home? Does the front of the house look un-kept or cluttered? Invest a little bit of money in updating the look. Ask for input from friends and family. Never underestimate that first impression.

Decks and Porches

Everyone loves being outside while they are at the beach. The fresh salty air, the cool ocean breezes, and all the Carolina blue skies. Most beach houses have a deck or porch. Patios are another great way to add value. If you have a deck, now is the time to pressure wash the wood, touch up the paint, and replace those old or rotten pieces of wood. Some simple patio furniture is another nice way to maximize the appeal of your porch.

Paint can do a lot

Touching up paint in older rooms or in high traffic areas is a great way to add value at a reasonable cost. Fresh paint does a lot of things. You can change the colors if you have out-of- date colors. A new color scheme can make rooms seem cleaner and newer. If you have smaller rooms, lighter colors will make them feel larger. A pro tip from painters is to add a few drops of blue to your ceiling paint which gives it a sense of depth and height. So grab a drop cloth and a few gallons of paint. Now is the time to paint your way to increased revenue.

woman painting wall light pink | Williamson Realty

Update your windows

Replacement windows are a great way to give your beach house a new look. Not only do they help freshen up the look of your house but also help maintain a comfortable climate in your home. On hot summer days you’ll see a savings in your electric bill with more energy efficient windows. Not to mention if you have fabulous ocean views, you want to make sure they are best viewed through high quality windows. Make sure to consult the experts and see which options are best suited for your home.

clean white tiled kitchen | Williamson Realty

Touch up the kitchen and bathrooms

Don’t worry, we aren’t about to suggest a really expensive overhaul. Instead focus on what you can do to improve what you have. Cosmetic improvements of good quality are a great way to start. Think of refinished or repainted cabinetry, updated flooring, cleaned up tile, improved lighting, new hardware, and upgraded fixtures to name a few. Minor remodeling of both the kitchen and bathroom areas of your home or rental will give them a cleaner, more modern feel—and that’s what you want here. Don’t break the bank but look for opportunities to maximize your value.

Amenity check up

Amenities are an important aspect of vacation rentals. Many people actually have a list of amenities they are looking for when booking a vacation home. Now is the time to plan on updating or adding amenities. Here are a few things you might like to have in your vacation home: WiFi Flat Screen Televisions, Grills, Outdoor showers. Of course, there are also larger things like hot tubs and pools, which represent a large investment but might be advantageous if that is within your budget.

Are you looking for a great professional staff to help you make the most of your vacation rental? If you are, we have an experiences staff of real estate professionals who are here to help you ensure you have the best return on your investment while providing our vacationers the best customer service and value for their money. Give us a call today at 800-727-9222 to speak with one of our property management specialists.

The Best Easy Upgrades That Add Huge Value To Your Vacation Rental | Williamson Realty Vacations

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