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Summer vacations can be a lot of different things to different people. For kids, though, any good vacation involves a day at the pool. As you know, many of our vacation homes and condos feature pools. Kids love a pool and let’s face, it parents love them too. In this day of social media, video games, smartphones, and iPads, the good old pool will beat them every time for your kid’s attention. So let’s dive into the ten best games for the pool that you don’t want to miss.

children playing in swimming pool | Williamson Realty
kids playing with pool toys in swimming pool | Williamson Realty
children playing in swimming pool | Williamson Realty

Marco Polo

Named after the 13th century Italian explorer this game has been enjoyed and played by kids for decades. The rules are simple. One person is Marco who closes his or her eyes. You can also be blindfolded. The other players and the person who is it says, “Marco” with a response “Polo.” The game rotates Marcos as the Polos are tagged.

Chicken fight

Chicken fighting is fun to do with mom and dad or big brothers and sisters. Get on each other’s shoulders and try and push the other team over. The water allows you to have the perfect splash as you win. Just remember to follow any pool rules and to be safe.

Coin Hunt

Before we go too far with this game, it is essential to know this game must be played with adult supervision. Mom and dad can take a few coins and put them in the bottom of the pool (keep a strict count) and let the kids search for the coins. Everyone loves a treasure.

Sharks and Minnows

Sharks and Minnows has probably been played since the first pool was invented (Roman emperors invented it). To play this game gather the players on one side of the pool, these are the minnows. The shark is then selected and placed in the middle. Players try to swim from one side to the other. When a player is tagged they become a shark. The winner is the last minnow.

family enjoying oceanfront swimming pool | Williamson Realty
children playing in swimming pool floats | Williamson Realty
kids playing with swimming pool beach ball | Williamson Realty

Float Races

You don’t have to be on the playground to race. In this fun game (especially for the little ones) you race the length of the pool in the kids favorite floats.

Dolphin Race

If you’ve ever seen dolphins play you know they use their noses to push objects around. This playful behavior is the basis for the dolphin races. Take a beach ball (one for each racer) and push it across the pool with your head. If a player touches a ball with his or her hands that player is eliminated.

Ball Toss

For this fun game take a few cheap Frisbees or plastic plates. Next you’ll want to label them with numbers. You can use any type of ball but you’ll likely find something light that floats at one of the beach stores. Take turns tossing the ball onto the plate the points are scored based on the number on the Frisbee or plate.

Air Ball

Air Ball is a fun game that everyone in the family can enjoy together. All you need is to circle up with the kids. The object of the game is to keep the ball in the air. Players are eliminated as the ball hits the water. The player that bobbles the ball and lets it hit the water is eliminated.


F.I.S.H. is a lot like playing P.I.G. with a basketball except you are in the pool and there is no ball. To play F.I.S.H. each person takes a turn offering a challenge to the others. If you are unable to do the challenge you get a letter. You are eliminated as you complete the word. Try fun things like holding your breath a certain amount of time or swimming a certain distance.


Popsicle is like freeze tag on the land. Play this in the shallow end of the pool with the kids. One person is it. When that person tags others they freeze in place like a popsicle. The other players can unfreeze a tagged player by diving and swimming between their legs

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