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Out of This World Fun That Will Make Your Vacation Shine

**This blog post was updated on July 18, 2017.**

On the edge of land and sea, Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect place for stargazing on the beach. Far from the reaches of metropolitan light pollution, the skies above eastern North Carolina light up at night…exposing constellation, meteor showers, and even distant planets. This summer, a lot of people will be looking up…as the full solar eclipse passes over the United States.

Even if you can’t make it to one of the optimal viewing areas for the 2018 solar eclipse, you can still enjoy all that the sky has to offer while you are in Ocean Isle Beach. The moon glows with brilliance, creating the perfect backdrop for a nighttime adventure.

When the sun goes down on your Ocean Isle Beach vacation, that doesn’t mean that the fun has to come to an end. Grab the family, and head out for a star studded evening. It will be out of this world!

A Free Look at the Night Sky

A Breathtaking Star Party in Ocean Isle that You Need to See

Wednesday nights come alive during the summer in Sunset Beach, with a free outdoor concert seriesright around the corner from the planetarium. Throughout the summer on Wednesday’s, when the sky is nice and dark (around 9pm), join Planetarium Manager, Bill Snyder, just outside of the Ingram Planetarium for a FREE stargazing party.

They will pull out 3-5 of their telescopes, and allow star-gazer, young and old, to take a peek at the sky above. This is the perfect way to introduce your family to the working of a telescope, and the constellations that encircle our home planet. Weather permitting, the staff at the planetarium will be delighted to share their evening with you. If you want to be sure the star-party is a go, give the planetarium a call (910-575-0033) or check their Facebook page for confirmation.

A Guided Tour Through the Night Sky

Astronomical Discoveries at the Planetarium That Will Make You Smile

The Ingram Planetarium offers a variety of programs, from Astronauts to Astronomy. Their Sky Theater operates a full schedule of shows, Monday through Saturday. Their website offers previews of most shows, and gives details of upcoming events. Admission is reasonable, at $9.50 for adults and $7.50 for children (2 and under are free).

According to the planetarium staff, visitors need to arrive a few minutes before showtime, as no-one will be admitted after the program starts. A staff member with give a small presentation, and then the show begins…and you will be transports to the world beyond. If you decide that your family would like to see a second show, the planetarium offers a small discount. Get up close and personal with the beauty that is beyond our atmosphere in “The Sky Tonight” and the other great shows.

Did You Know There's an App for That?

Learn How to Stargaze From the Beach

Download an app, bring your own telescope, and spread out a blanket for a night of private star-gazing. That’s right…there is no better place to admire the night sky than the beaches of Ocean Isle. With the Atlantic Ocean beyond, and luscious countryside behind, there is very little light pollution…so the stars shine a lot brighter.

If you find a clear night, then head down to the beach with you family. You don’t need a PhD to make sense of the stars. There’s an app for that. Use your smartphone, and download any number of apps that will take you on a self-guided tour of the constellations. A telescope may have joined you on your vacation…so if it did, then let it tag along to the beach. Take a closer look at everything from planets, to meteor showers, to stars.

Want a more low-tech approach to star-gazing? It’s easy. Grab a blanket, spread it out on the beach, lay down, and look at the stars. Something so simple…yetit is as spectacular today as it was a thousand years ago. Take time to have a discussion with your family about navigation using the stars, including the very first explorers to the New World.

Your vacation will shine when you launch these few star-gazing activities!

Do you have a favorite star-studded activity? We would love to hear about it.

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Out of This World Fun That Will Make Your Vacation Shine

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