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Learn How to Create the Perfect Beach Inspired Christmas Decor | William Realty

If you’re like us you don’t just love visiting the beach, you love everything about the beach! You love that feeling of the sand beneath your feet on a warm summer morning. You can’t get enough of a fresh ocean breeze. The beach is, in fact, part of you. So this week, we share several great ways to bring a little bit of the beach to your Christmas decor with these sea-inspired decorations and tips.

The Tree

The centerpiece of any Christmas decor is, of course, the Christmas tree. Here in North Carolina, we’re not only famous for our beaches, but we are also one of the largest producers of Christmas trees in the nation. Finding the perfect tree is an important first step in getting Christmas ready. When picking your tree, consider the space you have. You want a tree that isn’t overwhelming or lost in the space. Once you have the tree, you can then consider how you want to decorate it. Consider some of these tips to make your tree a beach themed tree.

Lights- Try all blue lights to represent the water.

Decorations- Consider lots of lighter colors like white, light blues,, and sea green.

Unique Features- Try using something unique or unusual on the tree. One hot trend is using a rope from a boat.

beach themed Christmas tree | Williamson Realty

Make a Memory Ornament

What a great way to remember your trip to Ocean Isle Beach and make a fun holiday decoration! This ornament is really easy to make and will make the perfect addition to your tree. Purchase clear glass ball ornaments (found at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby), and fill will several spoonfuls of sand. Make this task easy with a small funnel. Next, add small seashells that you found during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation. On a small strip of paper write “Ocean Isle Beach” with the year and insert it into the ornament. Now you have your very own personalized vacation memory ornament!

Driftwood Christmas Tree

What is more beach inspired than a driftwood Christmas tree? There are several ways to make one of these. You can make small ones to be centerpieces on a table or as an accent piece. For those who really want a challenge, you can make a larger tree and use it as your Christmas tree. The only limit you have is on the amount of driftwood you have on hand. Of course, the easiest way to load up on driftwood is to book an Ocean Isle Beach vacation. .

Seashell Lights

Make seashell lights! Seashell lights are fun and easy to make. Remember all those shells you collected? Now you have a use for them. This craft will add a unique touch of beach decor to your holiday flare! Purchase a strand of lights in your choice of color. Hot glue your coastal treasures to the lights. And just like that, you have a one-of-a-kind strand of lights to add to your tree or mantelpiece!

With Christmas just a few days away, now is the perfect time to give your family the ultimate Christmas gift. What gift is that you ask? Of course, it is a week of family fun and adventure on beautiful Ocean Isle Beach! We have lots of great new vacation homes to choose from for 2020, and now is the time to get the best deal on your 2020 Summer vacation. Give us a call today at 800-727-9222 or click the button below.

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Learn How to Create the Perfect Beach Inspired Christmas Decor | William Realty
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