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Best E Reader for Your Beach Vacation
Few things go as well together as an Ocean Isle Beach vacation and a great summer read. These hot new E-Readers are guaranteed to take your summer reading experience to the next level. Imagine the sound of the ocean, and sand between your toes…all under a beautiful Carolina blue sky. Whether fiction or history, poetry or sci-fi, the beach is the perfect place to drift through the pages of your favorite book. In this post we will review some of the best new E-Readers on the market today.

There is always a bit of subjectivity when writing any review, and almost any E-Reader you purchase today will offer some mind-blowing technology. With battery life now measured by the week, new anti-glare screens, built in LED backlighting, and loads of memory, you really can’t go wrong with any of these E-Readers. Still, there are a few outstanding products in this category, and hopefully this guide will help you decide which E-Reader is best for your Ocean Isle Beach vacation.

E-ReaderBest Overall: Amazon Kindle Oasis.

This baby has more features than Air Force One, and with the highest price tag; it probably should.

Coming in around $300.00, this E-Reader is for the serious beach reader. Weighing only 4.6 oz, and .13” thick at its slimmest, there is no need to put down that Corona. The Oasis is a one handed reading at its best. Snap on the leather case with its integrated battery and you’re still only holding 7oz. With the additional battery in the cover, we don’t even know when you’ll need to recharge it, but we hope you stay long enough to find out.

The 6” screen is a comfortable size and compatible with any format. When rotated, the Oasis’ screen automatically orients itself like a smartphone. With the best graphics on the market today, this E-Reader reduces eyestrain, and feels the closest to reading actual physical text. The buttons on the side of the display are intuitive, with one advancing the page, and the other turning back the page. Both buttons feel positive, and perform better than the more finicky touchscreen options on the market. Want to sit on that beautiful Ocean Isle Beach at night and read under the moonlight? No problem. The Oasis has a backlit screen with multiple LEDs illuminating the screen from multiple angles.

Sporting 4GB of storage, giving you a staggering 3,000 book library in the palm of your hand, you’ll never run out of new material with the Oasis. Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connectivity is standard on this state of the art E-Reader. For a hundred bucks more, there is also a 3G version available. There is no doubt this is the Porsche of E-Readers. Frankly many won’t want to spend the money, but if the best is what you demand from your E-Reader, there is no doubt that the Amazon Kindle Oasis is your best choice.

Best Value: Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon.

Packed with loads of features and access to the seemingly endless Amazon library, (currently over four million titles) there is no wonder the Paperwhite is one of Amazon’s best selling E-Readers. At $120.00 you simply can’t go wrong with this model. While the ergonomics of the Paperwhite are not as comfortable as the Kindle Oasis it still sits comfortably in your hand. Weighing almost 8oz makes it a little heavy in this lightweight market, but the price and features of this device make this an easy compromise.

The screen is 6”, with four LEDs providing multiple angle backlighting. 300ppi clarity makes for a crisp reading experience. This might sound familiar as it is essentially the same screen and quality of its more expensive cousin the Oasis. The black and white screen is amazingly clear with plenty of contrast. You’ll get more glare off uncle Fred’s bald spot than this screen in full sun. The Paperwhite practically begs you to sit under an Ocean Isle Beach sun and read the day away.

Best Kindle Alternative: Nook Glowlight Plus.

Made by Barnes & Noble, this device offers amazing features at a great price, $129.00. With full access to the Barnes & Noble store, and six weeks of battery life, the Nook offers a great alternative for those fighting Amazon’s quest for world dominance. Perhaps the biggest reason to buy a Nook Glowlight Plus , is that it isn’t an Amazon product.

Running off the Android 4.4.2 platform, any 14 year old can manipulate the device to run custom software, including third party reading apps. This feature may cater to the more techie crowd, but it is the only option if you want a truly customizable reading platform. The Glowlight Plus reads Epub and PDF files, but won’t support Amazon’s Mobi format. The backlit screen is a responsive capacitive type touchscreen. The capacitive screen is a marked improvement over the old infrared version and really enhances the user experience.

The Barnes & Noble online store is impressive, offering a giant selection of books.Perhaps the best reason to invest in the Nook is that it is the only swimmer in the lineup. Well not exactly, but it is waterproof, and that might be all you need to hear when making your next E-Reader purchase for your beach vacation.

Most Versatile: The Kobo Glo HD 6″.E-Reader

Kobo may not have the market share or name recognition of the Kindle or Nook, but it is loaded with features…and for $131.99 is a great buy.

This package comes with 4GB of memory, allowing the user an endless summer of reading. How endless? Try having the ability to take 3,000 books to the beach with you, all in the palm of your hand. In short, this E-Reader will take your entire middle school card catalog to the beach, all in a 12.6 oz package.

Battery life you ask? Leave the charger at home; with almost two months of battery life this unit will likely outlast your vacation and your attention span. Need a two-month vacation? Ocean Isle Beach Rentals has you covered with a wide variety of spectacular homes to rent. So download a few of your favorite titles, we’ll provide the spectacular beaches and beautiful rentals. You bring the reading list and E-Reader.

Another great features of the Kobo is that it provides advertiser free reading (unlike the Kindle Paperwhite). Supporting fourteen different file types, and packing more pixels than the Kindle Voyage. This E-Reader comes in a comfortable silicon backed case, making for easy handling with those sunscreen slick hands. The one limitation is the Kobo library, which is smaller than the Amazon library, and is less user friendly than the Nook’s Barnes & Noble supported store. For the money, this is still the most versatile E-Reader on the market.

There are still lots of warm, sun drenched days on Ocean Isle Beach. September brings the promise of less crowds, beautiful days, and warm waters. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this beautiful time of year in eastern North Carolina. Book an Ocean Isle Beach vacation today! Click below to search all our amazing rentals. Our helpful staff is ready to help you make your vacation dreams become a reality.
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