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Have you ever gotten to the beach, only to realize that you left something essential at home? Well, you aren’t the only one! It happens to everyone!!

We want you and your family to have the best possible experience during your beach vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, so we have created a short list of things that you just don’t want to forget at home. Some of these items may seem like a no-brainer…but it is easy to forget things when you are busy packing for your family…and trying to do life as usual.

Let us help you reduce your vacation prep stress with these beach necessities that will make you CRAZY if you end up forgetting them at home!

1. Sunscreen

There is a reason why sunscreen made #1 on our list! It is an absolute necessity when going to the beach, park, hiking…basically doing anything outdoors during the summer. Protecting your family from harmful UV rays is a must!!

2. Beach Towels

This is another obvious must have, but be sure to bring at least 2 beach towels per person. This way, one towel can be in use while the other is drying. Beach towels can be expensive, and we don’t want you to have to spend your souvenir money on something you already have at home.

3. Rash Ointment

You don’t have to have a baby to need rash ointment! Sand plus sweat plus tight clothing….equals a rash! And if you have ever been boogie boarding, you know what that can do to your belly! Be prepared, and have a tube of rash ointment for prevent and treat chaffing and more.

4. Flip-Flops

If you don’t wear flip-flops on a regular basis, there is a good chance that you will forget to put them on your beach packing list. But flip-flops that are easy to slip on and off…and are simple to rinse off…are a must!

5. Warm Clothing

You may be thinking “warm clothing??”. We know that summertime in Ocean Isle Beach is hot (just like we like it)..but when the sun sets, the cool ocean breeze in quite cool compared to the daytime temperatures. And after a long day in the sun, indoor air-conditioned temps in your beach vacation rental can seem frigid. Be prepared with a long-sleeve t-shirt or sweat-shirt, a light weight jacket, socks, and even a pair of sweat or yoga pants. Bring items that can multi-task…for sleeping or walking on the beach!

6. Medication

Forgetting your medication at home isn’t the end of the world, but it is a huge pain! Be sure to have your family’s medication on your packing list…and don’t forget to be sure there is enough medication to last your entire vacation plus travel time.

7. Summer First Aid Kit

Cuts, scraps, splinters…they happen. For children and adults, be sure to have a small summer first aid kit! Be sure to include a pair of tweezers!! You can discover a few other ways to protect your family during vacation HERE.

8. Extra Contacts

If you wear contacts, be sure to bring at least one extra set of contact lenses! And don’t forget your glasses either. While it is not fun to have to squint through your glasses all day, the salty night air can be quite drying…and glasses can be a relief after a long day outdoors!

9. Scissors

You just never know when you are going to need a pair of scissors. From cutting tags off of clothes to opening packaging…you will be so glad that you brought a pair of scissors. If you don’t want to bring scissors, then bring a pair of fingernail clippers!

10. Zip-Top Bags

Be sure to bring a handful of zip-top bags in various sizes. They are great for keeping your cell phone dry and sand free, for storing snacks, for containing wet clothing, and so much more!!

Don’t you feel more prepared now?! In the event that you do forget something for your vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, rest assured that we have plenty of local stores for you to gather supplies. If you have any questions about your beach vacation, or would like to talk to an expert about making an Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental reservation, then give us a call today at 1-800-727-9222. Or, you can click the button below and browse our amazing selection of rental properties for yourself!

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