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3 Ways to Be Proactive and Protect Your Beach Vacation

There is no doubt that vacations are a huge investment. You spend your year planning and saving money, so that your family can have a much needed time of relaxation. While it is hard to estimate the amount of money that the average American spends on their vacation each year, it is safe to say that it is hard earned money that no one wants to see wasted.

But what happens if your car breaks down on your way to Ocean Isle Beach? If someone in your family becomes suddenly ill or is injured…then what happens to your vacation? How do you protect yourself in a town that you are unfamiliar with, traveling with large amounts of cash and important documents?

We don’t want anyone living…or vacationing…under the dark cloud of “what if’s”. That is why Williamson Realty Vacations wants to tell you about 3 ways that you can be proactive and protect your next beach vacation. Give yourself peace of mind, so that you can relax and enjoy your time at Ocean Isle Beach!

Get Peace of Mind

Travel Insurance That Will Give You Peace of Mind

Williamson Realty Vacations highly recommends CSA Travel Insurance for your travel protection needs. With 25 years of award-winning customer service, CSA is dedicated to providing valuable travel insurance and emergency assistance services to protect your vacation investment. CSA has a solid reputation for standing behind its customers, and for offering products & services to meet their needs.

When you make a beach vacation rental reservation with Williamson Realty Vacations, you will have the option of adding CSA Travel Insurance. All of our reservation specialist can help you with any questions you may have regarding CSA. In the event you need to file a claim, CSA will work with you directly…they are with their clients every step of the way, whenever and wherever they are needed.

What to Expect from CSA Travel Insurance:

A Free Look Period

Trip Cancellation Coverage

Pre-Existing Condition Exemptions

Emergency Assistance & Transportation

Trip Interruption Coverage

…and so much more!

If you would like more information about CSA Travel Insurance to protect your Ocean Isle Beach vacation, please call and speak with one of our reservation specialist at 1(800)727-9222. Or click the button below for instant access to our CSA brochure.

Travel Insurance Info

How to Use AAA

How to Use AAA as a Way to Protect Your Vacation

If you are traveling by car to the beautiful shores of Ocean Isle Beach, then you may want to consider a AAA membership. AAA has been supporting motorist for over 100 years, making them an industry leader for roadside protection and assistance. Today, AAA offers 3 different membership plans to meet your needs: the Basic, Plus and Premier Plans. These plans offer benefits that include towing, flat tire change, fuel delivery, vehicle lockout services, and travel accident insurance. They also have free travel materials, like maps & tour-books, available for their members…free of charge.

One of the great things about AAA, is that the member is covered…wherever they are in the USA, and whatever vehicle they are in. Here is an example of how AAA could work for you:

You are traveling with your parents and your children to North Carolina for your annual Ocean Isle Beach vacation. While traveling down the interstate, your parents mini-van breaks down. Since you are a AAA member with the Plus plan, you make a call to AAA Roadside Assistance. Your plan covers the vehicle you are in to be towed up to 100 miles! Before you know it, your family is back on the road…heading to the beach…without a towing bill!

You can get started with a AAA membership for a little as $49 a year (plus a one time $10 enrollment fee). The Premier Plan, AAA’s best value, is only $79 annually.

Find yourself some peace of mind with a AAA membership, which also includes discounts at over 160,000 retailers nationwide and savings at AAA Car Care Centers.

5 Ways to Be Travel Savvy

5 Ways to Be Travel Savvy for Your Safety & Security

One of the reasons why we love Ocean Isle Beach so much is because it is a very safe place to live, work, and play. However, there are always people who are looking to take advantage of others, and we would like to offer a few ideas to help keep you extra safe and secure while on your beach vacation.

1. Lock the Doors

It seems like a no brainer, but be sure that your vehicle is locked. Most thieves are opportunist. They are looking for an easy in and an easy out. If your vehicle is locked…then there is a good chance that a thief will pass it by. With multiple people getting in and out of your car during vacation, there is a good chance that it could be unintentionally left unlocked. It is amazing the protection that you can provide your family, simply by hitting the “LOCK” button on your key fob.

The same thing applies to your vacation rental home. Appoint someone in your party as the “door locker”, just to be sure that the vehicle doors and the house is locked up at night and when you leave.

2. An Extra Set of Keys

Since you will be traveling away from home, be sure to give someone else in your party a spare set of car keys. This way, if your keys get lost or locked in the car…there is a spare set available.

3. Cross-Body Purse

Ladies should consider using a “cross-body” style purse while on vacation. There are many advantages to “wearing” your purse. It keeps it off of your shoulder where it is easy to snatch off. Also, your hands are now free for shopping, taking an evening stroll, or browsing a museum…and you are much less likely to accidentally set your purse down.

4. Secure Your Valuables

Does your vehicles scream, “WE ARE TOURISTS!!”? If it does, it has become an easy target for those opportunistic thieves we mentioned above. Keep you vehicle tidy while traveling, and keep valuable secure and out of sight. For example, keep your laptop and chargers in the trunk, wrapped in a towel and under a bag/suitcase. If a thief can’t see it, they can’t assume there are great electronics in the backpack in the backseat!

And what about when you are out on the beach, enjoying the sun and surf? Who is watching your phone, keys, money and ID when you are playing with your children at the waters edge? While beach theft is rare, we want to encourage you to take a simple step to keep yourself from big headaches! Don’t keep your valuables in an obvious place…like your beach bag. Maybe the side pocket of your cooler bag is a better (and less obvious) place. You could get creative and place your items inside of a clean diaper…or a clean Pringles can. No thief will want to steal a diaper or Pringles!

5. Be Proactive

Before you leave for your trip, be sure to have your car tuned-up, oil changed, tire pressure checked, and fluids topped off. Be sure that your gas tank never goes below a quarter of a tank. And pack a beach friendly first aid kit!!

Now that you discovered some tips and tricks to being proactive, and protecting your beach vacation, we hope that you will allow us to help you find the perfect beach vacation rental for your next family getaway! We have properties in all shapes and sizes, and would be happy to find just the right one for you!

Do you have any good travel advice?? We would love to hear about it…and pass it along to our guests!

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