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Fishing is one of the most popular sports in the world and certainly one of the most popular activities on Ocean Isle Beach. If you’ve never tried kayak fishing (or have never even heard of it), then you’ve been missing out. Why not give this fun sport a try this year during your Ocean Isle Beachvacation?

Before we get started, we have to note that there is a lot of information out there about kayak fishing. There is also a lot of equipment to choose from. Today we’re going to cover just the basics. However, if the kayaking fishing bug bites you, you’re in for a lifetime of excitement and trips to the sporting goods store. Grab a paddle because we’re about to hit the water.

Don’t forget your fishing license!

Before you start, you have to get a fishing license. North Carolina requires anyone over the age of sixteen to purchase a fishing license. Licenses are inexpensive and easy to purchase from several local vendors. For more information check out theNC Wildlife website.

graphic of fishing license | Williamson Realty
man pulling his fishing kayak out of the water on the beach | Williamson Realty

Outfitting Your Kayak

Now that you have your license it’s time to look at the basic gear you’ll need. Don’t worry about getting all of the bells and whistles in the beginning. Work on getting a good basic set up. You can then build upon this as you become more advanced and knowledgeable. Here is what you need:

PFD-Personal Flotation Device

Never go out on the water without a personal flotation device. Don’t worry, these aren’t the big bulky orange vests you may have seen. Most PFDs today are small with good ergonomics, breathable fabrics and are lightweight, making them perfect for casting.

Secure Your Gear: Don’t lose your valuables

While kayak fishing, unlike fishing from the shore, there is the real possibility of losing your gear overboard. Here are a few of the things you’ll need to help you secure your gear properly.

Rod Holders

One way to prevent loss is to mount a rod holder. Most of these are made out of plastic and easy to mount with a bolt or rivet. Some kayaks even come with flush mounted rod holders. Usually you’ll mount these behind your seat on the kayak.

Rod Leashes

These leashes attach to your rod. In the event you roll over in the kayak you won’t lose your rod. These leashes are inexpensive and worth their weight in gold.

Kayak Crates and Tackle Boxes

You’ll want to secure your tackle and belongings in a container that is secured to your kayak. There are several products that do this. Some are basic while others are more expensive and offer more features. The basic thing you need is to make sure the box, crate, or tackle box has a lid! Nothing is worse than spilling hundreds of dollars of lures and gear in the water.

Get a Paddle Leash

Secure your paddle to your boat. You don’t want to find yourself “up the creek without a paddle.” With a paddle leash you’ll never lose your paddle again.

Don’t Forget an Anchor

Securing your kayak is a key to staying in the perfect honey hole. You won’t need a huge anchor. Three pounds is about the biggest anchor you’ll need. There are two main types of anchors: folding and claw anchors. Claw anchors are best for soft bottom waterways. Folding anchors work well and offer a little advantage in portability.

Check out the video below for more information about setting up a basic or advanced kayak rig.

Other Items to Bring

Drinks –Don’t forget to bring plenty of water or sports drinks. Remember, alcohol and soda will not help you stay hydrated on a hot day on the water.

Towel –A towel is always a handy item to have when you are spending the day on the water.

Sun protection– It is important to protect yourself from the sun. Remember to wear a wide brim hat, a long sleeve shirt, and to apply a good quality sunscreen (and apply it often).

hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen | Williamson Realty

Fishing Off a Kayak

You are going to notice a big difference the first few times you cast off a kayak. The motion of the cast versus casting from shore (or from a larger boat) is very different. Kayaks are not as stable and this will be instantly noticeable. Before you hit the water it is a good idea to practice your cast from the kayak. You will also want to practice getting into your tankwell, dry hatches and tackle box.

Many anglers will straddle the kayak and let their feet hang in the water. This technique creates more stability and in the hotter months allows you to stay cool. A good rule of thumb is to keep an upright posture with your head up. Following these simple tips will make your kayak a lot more stable.

All that’s left to do is grab your kayak and gear, give us a call, and book your Ocean Isle Beach vacation. We might not know where the fishing spots are, but we can help find you the perfect vacation home for your next kayak fishing adventure. Don’t forget; we have several canal homes with docks, making it possible to go kayak fishing right out your back door. Give us a call today at 800-727-9222 or click the button below to begin your kayak fishing adventure.

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