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Epic Beach Quotes That Will Help You Beat the Winter Blues

Are you experiencing a bit of the winter blues? Cold weather combined with reduced exposure to the sun’s rays…leaves a your heart, soul, and mind longing for a bit of summer. Long warm days, extended walks with your toes in the sand, the relaxing hum of the ocean’s waves…yes, please!!
Scroll with us through these epic beach quotes, designed to help you battle the winter blues. Whether you are cooped up in your office, or stuck at home doing laundry…these reminders of warmer days to come will give you something to look forward to. And we invite you, wherever you are, to escape (even if is just for a moment) to blissful beauty of Ocean Isle Beach!

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You Don't Have to Shovel Sunshine

Thank goodness…you don’t have to shovel sunshine. Besides, if have to use a shovel, then trade in that snow shovel for a sand shovel!! The warn sandy shore of Ocean Isle Beach is just waiting for you.
If You Catch Me Smiling

If you get caught smiling, is there a chance that you are day dreaming about the beach? It’s okay…we do it too. There is no place quite like the North Carolina coast, and she deserves to be remembered and imagined!
Dear Summer, I Miss You

Dear Summer, I miss you….but not for long. Soon, it will be time to be reunited with the sun, the surf, and the sand! But they say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. What do you think? Are you longing for the beach yet?

The Waves of the Sea

The expanse of the ocean has a way of helping put everything into perspective. The soothing roar of the crashing waves, sings a gentle song for the soul. Each grain of sand reminds us that though we may get tossed about, we still have a purpose. And every seashell tells of natures infinite and relentless beauty.

One Must Maintain A Little Bit of Summer

A little bit of summer can go a long way. When the frigid temperatures of winter makes summer feel a million years away, take time to feel the sun on your face…and remember that warmer, sandier, and saltier days are ahead.
Saltwater Heals Everything

Saltwater heals everything…well, almost everything. Allow the sea to wash away the stress and worry of everyday life. Let the salt water cleanse you, body and soul.

We hope that these great quotes have helped you focus your attention on the warmer months to come, and have you in the mood for the Ocean Isle Beach vacation of your dreams. The weather here is spectacular, no matter what time of year you choose to come!

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Epic Beach Quotes That Will Help You Beat the Winter Blues Pin
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