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Easy and Fun Ways to Bring the Beach Mood to Your Home

With so many of us working from home or stuck at home now more than ever it is important to create a little bit of bliss at home. For a lot of us that can only mean one thing…beach vibes! This week we have some great ideas on how to bring a little beach mood into your home.

Take in a little beach scenery

Need to see something a lot more inspiring and uplifting than the news? Check out the video above to take in a few minutes of our beautiful beach. Remember this situation won’t last forever. Until you can get back to Ocean Isle Beach for your next vacation take a few minutes to relax and take in the scenery it’s sure to get you in the beach mood.

Have a beach themed movie night

Everyone loves a good movie right? The number of movies that center around or take place at the beach are countless. Too many to name in fact. However, with Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV, and Netflix it’s now easier than ever to find a great family-friendly movie. All you need is a few hours set aside for you and the family to sit down, pop some popcorn and have a beach movie night. Of course, my favorite beach movie is Jaws.

Create a beach inspired space

Whether it is your desk, living room or backyard there are all sorts of ways to bring a little bit of the beach to your home

Try putting a picture of your family at the beach on your desk. Or maybe create a small area in the back yard complete with tiki torches, and small hanging lanterns to add a little beach ambiance.

Grab a beach book

Get in the beach mood with a good book. There are many books with beach themes. If you need a few ideas for some great beach themed books, go ahead and click here. Now all you need is to just sit back and turn page after page letting your mind wander to the beach with each turn of the page.

Make a beach themed playlist

Everyone loves music. Music has the power to change your mood. Let’s face it, a good jam always makes our day. Whether you want to have something to listen to while you work or for the kids to play to beach themed music is perfect. All of us have songs that we associate with our last beach vacation. Take a few minutes on Spotify or iTunes and create the perfect playlist.

Easy and Fun Ways to Bring the Beach Mood to Your Home

What’s Your favorite way to get in the beach mood?

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