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Christmas on Ocean Isle Beach | Williamson Realty

December is upon us and that means another Christmas is almost upon us. If you haven’t made plans for your Christmas celebration there is still time to book an Ocean Isle Beach vacation. Few things are as special as Christmas on the beach and maybe we are biased but if you are looking for a very special place for you and your family to celebrate this Christmas together, you don’t need to look any further than the North Carolina Coast.

Merry Christmas written in sand with Santa Hat  | Williamson Realty
Traditions are great. In fact, most families have one tradition or another that they celebrate each holiday season. Maybe your family goes to a midnight service at your church. Some families always go to a certain relatives house each year. While we certainly don’t want to stop any traditions, it’s never a bad idea to start a new tradition. After all, every tradition started off one year with some bold relative saying, “Hey we should try… .” This year might be the perfect year to start a new tradition of celebrating Christmas on Ocean Isle Beach. Why do you ask? Here are three reasons to begin a tradition of celebrating Christmas on Ocean Isle Beach.

1. The beach is relaxing

If there is one thing universally true about the beach, it offers a relaxing and soothing environment. Let’s face it. The holidays can be a stressful time of the year. With all of the relatives, the gifts, budgeting, taking time off of work, and, of course, the kid’s obligations. But it doesn’t need to be that way. There is a place where Santa and the sand come together for a Christmas. Ocean Isle Beach! So this Christmas bring a little relaxation to your Christmas celebration.

2. We can accommodate everyone

Are you tired of being stuffed in some relatives house? Is the couch at uncle Fred’s just more than you can stand this year?We have a simple solution that makes bringing your whole family together in a spacious and beautiful setting easy. Our inventory of homes includes dozens of homes that can accommodate almost any size family gathering. Don’t have time to get everyone together for the holidays? No problem, now is also the perfect time to book an Ocean Isle Beach summer vacation! While you have everyone together pick a date and let the planning begin!

3. Amazing memories

Can you remember your favorite Christmas ever? We bet you can. If you want to have a truly unique Christmas that is sure to make memories that the whole family won’t soon forget, then the beach is the perfect place for you. Think about it, Christmas morning starts with gifts and celebrating with the family and ends playing on the beach, going for a boat ride, surfing, cycling, or just sitting on the shore watching the sunset over the beautiful Atlantic. Even Santa would agree that is a great way to celebrate Christmas and one the family won’t soon forget.

Looking for more great ideas that you can incorporate into your family’s Christmas traditions? If so, check out our previous post: The Best 10 Christmas Traditions To Begin This Year.

Worshipping with the locals

For many people Christmas is much more than a simple holiday where gifts are given, a tree is put up, and stockings hung. Each year all across the country this is a time of the year where people reconnect with their faith. Churches all across the country have special programs, kids pageants, plays, choir performances, and community involvement are the hallmarks of the season. Here on Ocean Isle Beach, those same things take place among our local church community. If you are visiting Ocean Isle Beach this Christmas, whether for a day or a week, and you want to get involved with one of our many churches, Click here.

Map of Ocean Isle Beach Churches  | Williamson Realty
Salvation Army Angel Tree  | Williamson Realty

Celebrate with random acts of kindness

Getting tunnel vision during the holiday season is easy. We all think of our kids, nephew and nieces, and other friends and loved ones. However, there is a larger community out there, and here on Ocean Isle Beach we pride ourselves on looking out for each other and especially those less fortunate than ourselves. While hurricane Florence is long gone, many in our local area suffered losses that they are still recovering from.

Each year,Salvation Armyand local churches sponsor Angel Trees. These trees are adorned with tags displaying gift ideas for specific boys and girls in the community.Nursing Homes are another great place where there is often a need. For pet-lovers, there are our local animal shelters which always need donations. No matter how you choose to give this Christmas, our Ocean Isle Beach community will be thankful.

Ready to book your Ocean Isle Beach Christmas vacation? give us a call today at 800-727-9222 and speak with one of our friendly reservationists today. We have a great inventory and can accommodate almost any size gathering, so load up the sled, ok the SUV, and head on down to Ocean Isle Beach this Christmas.

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

Christmas on Ocean Isle Beach | Williamson Realty
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