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Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are one of the best parts of the Christmas holiday. Passing down a Christmas tradition from generation to generation is a time-honored part of the holiday season. Occasionally though, things change maybe you or a family member moves to a new area or you might be celebrating a new birth or marriage in the family and you want to add to or start a new Christmas tradition. In today’s post, we have some great ideas on how to start a new Christmas tradition in your family this year. So gather up the family and take a look at these 10 great Christmas traditions.

1- Make An Annual OrnamentOrnament

Recently while out holiday shopping I overheard an older couple talking about how each year their family gets together to make a holiday ornament. After speaking with them for a few minutes we just had to share this idea with everyone. Some of the great ideas they had was having a theme. One year it might be related to a favorite family destination or event, which got us thinking. Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect place to make a holiday ornament, with all the natural seashells, sea glass and driftwood you have all the materials you need to make a beautiful homemade ornament. For some great ideas check out our previous post:The Best 10 Fun And Easy Seashell Craft Ideas.

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2-Care Packages to our Troops

With tens of thousands of men and women in the armed services deployed throughout the world this holiday season, there are plenty of opportunities to show your support for our troops by sending a care package to asoldier overseas. If you know of a specific member of the armed services you would like to send a care package to, make sure to contact them directly for shipping instructions, needs, and restrictions. Of course, there are great organizations that have been around for years like the USOthat can also help you make a donation or care package to deployed soldiers. Sending this small piece of home and holiday spirit can be an uplifting and wonderful surprise to our deployed service members.

3-Give Back To OthersVolunteer

Take time this year to give back to others less fortunate in your community. There are several easy ways to do this. Of course, you can make a cash contribution to organizations in your area, but many organizations are desperate for volunteers. A great tradition is to pick a local, church, soup kitchen or maybe you just know that one person who needs a little help with something. Once you decide on where you want to help, gather friends and family and make a day of it, we promise you’ll leave with wonderful memories from your day of service and might just make someone’s holiday all the more special.

4-Plan A Special Dish

If your family is anything like ours, food is a big part of the holidays. This year is the perfect year to start a new or maybe add to your existing culinary traditions. Pick a dish to make this year that you hope to pass on for generations to come. Maybe you’ll choose a dish that reflects a special time or event in your life. This is the time to get creative, don’t limit yourself to those old holiday staples. Make this something special, something that brings back memories of family and friends we promise it will be a big hit. When it comes time to serve the dish take a moment to share with your loved ones the story behind why you chose this specific dish. Remember, it isn’t about the food, so take a chance and try something new.

5-Christmas Light TouringChristmas Lights

Not everyone can be Clark Griswold and if your own Christmas lights are leaving you feeling a little underwhelmed I guarantee there are folks in your town who more thanmake up for it. Pack up the kids and the family and head out on the town and check out the local Christmas lights. You can’t help but have fun wandering around the town, with a hot chocolate and checking out all the holiday lights. Nothing says Christmas like a beautiful, fun and tacky assortment of lawn ornaments adorned with LED lights. It’s just part of the fun you won’t want to miss.

6-Write A Letter to The Kids

For those of you with children, the holidays can be particularly special but also stressful time. Often in the hustle and bustle of the Christmas parties, school plays, church commitments, and the general running around of life we forget to take a moment and remember our loved ones. This holiday season make a point of taking a little time to write to your children. This tradition requires only a pen, paper and envelope, nothing fancy or expensive, but still priceless. Maybe you want to share a special moment about the holidays or a recap of the year they had. You might include fatherly or motherly advice, no matter what you share it will be appreciated in the years to come. Each year you’ll write this letter and when your child turns eighteen they will be allowed to open them. Many folks who do this and keep the letters in their child’s baby book or other safe places.

7-Christmas Movie NightsChristmas Movie

This one is really fun if you are into movies. Take as many movies as you have nights available with family and friends. Gift wrap the movies and each night a member of the family pics a movie to unwrap. Of course, you’re not allowed to know what the movie is until you unwrap it. The fun thing about this tradition is everyone can contribute their favorite movie. From It’s A Wonderful Life to Christmas Vacation and everything in between there are sure to be lots of laughs and good times. Hint this is also a great time to pop a tone of popcorn and maybe eat and string it at the same time for a fun holiday decoration.

8-Treat Your Local Emergency Services

Each holiday all across the country we enjoy time with our families, but thousands of men and women in the emergency services, including police, firefighters, and EMS personnel spend their holidays away from their families. These brave men and women ensure the rest of us have a safe and happy holiday. This year take a few moments to treat these brave men and women to a little holiday cheer. Maybe you can deliver cookies, or stop by with a favorite holiday dish. You can even just stop by the station to thank them for all they do. Sometimes, it is the simple act of kindness that your family will find turns into a beautiful holiday tradition.

9-Create A Christmas Play ListChristmas Music

Nothing puts you in the mood like great Christmas music. Every year, if you are like us we look forward to the local station switching their programming to Christmas music. This year gather up all your favorite holiday songs and make a playlist to share with the family. Label the playlist with the year and the location of the family Christmas and make sure to share it with everyone in the family. You can do this with iTunes or even by just writing the songs on a simple index card and share it with everyone. Of course, don’t forget to include a little beach music-themed Christmas music.

10-Take A Family Photo

This year get the whole family together and take a family photo. Now there is a lot you can do with this idea from the serious to the funny. One family I know gets matching “tacky” holiday sweaters, (even for the dogs) and take a photo at a fun place that the family enjoys. Of course, funny or serious there are plenty of great places here on Ocean Isle Beach to take a family photo. We would love to see your family’s Holiday photo so please leave a comment below or tag us on in your photo.

It is easy to forget the meaning of the holiday season. With all the advertising, marketing, the gifts it is easy to be distracted by the important things this holiday season, like family, friends, and community. We hope you might enjoy starting one of these holiday traditions in your own family this year. If you are still looking for a great Ocean Isle Beach holiday vacation home then look no further, we have lots of great Ocean Isle Beach rentals just waiting for your new holiday tradition.

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