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5 Really Good Reasons to Get Up Early During Your Beach Vacation Header | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

Getting up early on vacation? Why? We know, we know. Vacations are a time of rest, relaxation, and sleeping in—but hear us out. While we certainly want you to be well-rested and feeling your best during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation, we also want to encourage you to consider waking up early to get the maximum benefits of your well-earned vacation time. Here are the top 5 reasons you might want to consider getting up a little earlier in the morning during your vacation. Will you give it a try? You might be surprised how many benefits are afforded to early risers. Read on to learn more.

Sunrise on the beach | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

1. Ocean Isle Beach Sunrises

It is absolutely worth getting up early to enjoy the daily color show brought to you by the Ocean Isle Beach sunrise. Whether you watch it from the deck of your oceanfront vacation rental or walk right onto the beach for a front-row view, it’s a wonderful way to start each and every day of your vacation. At the writing of this blog, sunrise happens around 7am (that’s not too early, right?), but you can find the sunrise times during your vacation dates here.

Coffee with a beach view  | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

2. Coffee with a View

Coffee at the beach, what could be better? Coffee is always worth waking up for, but when you pair it with the gorgeous Ocean Isle Beach setting, you’re taking the experience to the next level. Whether you make your own coffee in your vacation rental kitchen or pick up a cup from your favorite Ocean Isle Beach coffee shop, either way you’re sure to enjoy the perks of sipping your favorite brew while soaking up all the amazing views.

Woman picking up seashells on the beach  | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

3. Prime Beachcombing & Shelling

Another really good reason to wake up early is for the optimal beachcombing experience. The beaches are less crowded in the early mornings making it a great time to comb the shorelinelooking for seashells, sea glass, and sharks teeth. Plus, you get first dibs! Even if you get out there just for the beach walk, it’s worthwhile to be there early when there are fewer people and more of the beach to yourself—and better odds of finding coastal treasures.

Woman in bed waking up early and stretching  | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

4. Quiet Time to Yourself

One of the best benefits of waking up earlier than everyone else in your household is the ability to savor that quiet time you to yourself before the busyness of the day begins. Vacation days get busy too, so it’s nice to have a slower start to your days spent however you choose. Capture those much-needed quiet morning moments for yourself and see how much better your day goes. Parents, we all know that once the kids get upyour time will be in much demand. Seize the morning!

Family on the beach holding hands  | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

5. Longer Vacation Days

Last but certainly not least, your vacation days will seem longer when you get up earlier to enjoy them. This special time is so fleeting, you’ll want to grab ahold of it and make the most of it. Getting up early in the morning gives you a chance to ease into your beach days, ponder what you will be doing in the day ahead, and internally prepare for your day in ways you can’t do if you sleep in late. We always wish our vacation days would linger longer, so this is one simple way to make it feel that way. Enjoy!

Are you an early riser when on vacation?

We want to know! If so, why?

5 Really Good Reasons to Get Up Early During Your Beach Vacation Pinterest | Williamson Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals
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