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Whether it’s Flag Day, Independence Day, or any day when you need to fill some downtime (like on a road trip to your Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental), take the opportunity to share some trivia and fun facts with your kids. Today we’ve rounded up a few fascinating facts about the American flag and additional flag etiquette tips that you can share with your family and friends.You can even quiz them afterward to see how much they remember while throwing in a little healthy competition into the day. And if you’re on the way to Ocean Isle Beach, you can add another road trip activity into the mix by having your kids count the number of American flags they see along the way. Now, back to the flag facts. Enjoy!

🇺🇸 5 Fun Flag Facts🇺🇸

1. The American flag was made official in 1777.

On June 14th, 1777, Congress officially recognized the Stars and Stripes as America’s flag. The stars represent the number of states (today there are 50) and the stripes represent the 13 original colonies.

2. The flag has a few nicknames.

The American flag has a few nicknames: The Stars and Stripes, The Star-Spangled Banner, The Red, White, and Blue, and Old Glory.​

3. Designed by a student, chosen by the president.

A 17-year-old designed the American Flag as we know it today. In 1958, Student Robert Heft created the design for a school project, and President Dwight D. Eisenhower chose his design over 1,500 other submissions.

4. The American flag colors are symbolic.

The colors of the flag have important meanings: red symbolizes hardiness and valor, white symbolizes purity and innocence, and blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

5. One flag, many versions.

There have been 27 different versions of the U.S. flag. Each version has a different number of stars. The final star, for Hawaii, was added in 1960.

🇺🇸 Bonus Flag Fun Fact:

There are six American flags on the moon. Five are standing, but Neil Armstrong’s fell over. (They are all probably bleached white due to radiation from the sun.)

Astronaut saluting on the moon with American flag | Williamson Realty Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals

🇺🇸 A Few Flag Etiquette Facts 🇺🇸

  • The flag always flies at the White House, Fort McHenry, and the Iwo Jima memorials. 50 flags fly 24 hours a day around the Washington monument.
  • When two or more flags are flown on the same pole, the American flag must be at the top.
  • When your flag is old and has seen better days, it is time to retire it.
  • Old flags should be burned or buried.
  • The flag is normally flown from sunrise to sunset.
  • The flag should not be flown at night without a light on it.
  • The flag should not be flown in the rain or inclement weather.
  • An American flag should never touch the floor or the ground.
  • When displayed on a wall or window the blue field should be in the upper left corner.

Girl sitting at desk with computer and world flags | Williamson Realty Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals

🇺🇸 Bonus Flag Fun Fact:

If you like to study flags, then you are called a Vexillogist!

We hope you learned a few things about the American flag that you can share with your family and friends! If you would like to read up on more fun facts and trivia about the flag, you can do that right here and here.

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5 Fantastic Flag Facts to Share with Your Kids Pinterest | Williamson Realty Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals
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