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5 Awesome Beach Crafts That Will Make Kids & Parents Happy

A beach vacation to Ocean Isle Beach, NC is always great! You can spend your days lounging in the sand, or you can relax on the deck at your beach vacation rental. There is so much for everyone to do.

But everyone once in a while, you need to take a break from the sun…especially children. The summer sun in Ocean Isle Beach can get very hot…and we want you to stay safe, while having fun!

To help parents and kids alike, we have compiled 5 awesome beach crafts for you to try! With a little parental supervision, these are all craft that can serve as forever keepsakes from your beach vacation. So gather your supplies and your gather your family…and get started on these great beach crafts for kids!

Beach Painting

1. Beach Painting with Footprints

This beautiful painting is something that anyone can create! All you need is one canvas per person, craft paints, and paint brushes. Simple paint different shades of blue to create the water, and then a golden tan for the sand! When you are ready for the footprint, you will use a slightly darker shade of tan. Be sure to lay down some newspaper to protect the floor!

Before you know it, you will have a wall worthy piece of art!!

2. Beach Treasures Wall Hanging

Do your children gather shells, rock, and twigs in their pockets while walking the beaches of Ocean Isle Beach? This craft is great because it allows your child to take all their beach treasures, and put it into a piece of art!

All you will need for this craft is beach treasures, large popsicle sticks, paint, paint brushes, glue, and a sting or ribbon. Assemble your popsicle sticks into a sign, glue, let dry, and then paint. The next step will be to attach a hanger to the back using string, ribbon, or even soda tabs. The final step will be to design the wall hanging with those precious collected beach treasure!

Now your child’s treasure can be enjoyed year-round!!

3. SeaShell OrnamentSeashell Ornament

Did you know that you can buy clear ornaments throughout the year at most hobby and craft stores? This idea is perfect for those who which to relive their family vacation at Christmas time! Your children will love finding tiny shells and pebbles that will fit into the ornaments, and assembling them will be so much fun!!

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4. Stenciled Wood Slices

Everyone loves stencils! They are easy to use, and offer precision to even the tiniest of hands. Find a stencil set that reflects your trip to Ocean Isle Beach, and find some wood slices at the craft store. Your children can paint the wood slices in a color of their choice, and then lightly sand it…to give it that beachy look. Next they can stencil on their design! You could add a magnet to the back, or create a garland out of all your children’s stenciled wood slices!!

5. SeaShell Memory GameSeashell Memory Game

This looks like so much!! A craft and a game…it’s a two for one special!! Hopefully, your kids will be able to find plenty of shells in Ocean Isle Beach, but if not…you can always buy a bag. They can painted the outside of the shell various colors, as long as they end up with an even number of shells. Next, they can draw sets of pictures inside of the shells, or use matching stickers. It’s just like the game Memory…with an awesome beach inspired twist!

We hope that you and your children will find tons of amazing things to do when you visit Ocean Isle Beach! These crafts are perfect for any time of year, and everyone will love them! And one of the best parts…each of the above kids crafts are budget-friendly!

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5 Awesome Beach Crafts That Will Make Kids & Parents Happy Pin

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