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Great New Year's Resolutions

This time of year there is no shortage of ideas about what best New Year’s resolutions are and of course, we’re no different…except we’ve got the best resolutions to make your Ocean Isle Beach vacation even better than 2018. Sure we all agree we need to eat better, and yeah a little more exercise in our lives is sure to make our doctor and the waistline happier but sometimes there is something to be said for looking at things from a little different angle or maybe through a different lens, and we look at everything through the lens of the beach and with that caveat get ready to make some resolutions OIB style.

1- Eat BetterEat Better

Forget the fast food this year, not because it is bad for you, but because you deserve a better experience. This year take some time, to try some new restaurants, to enjoy finer dining. Literally, we want you to try and eat better. Think about all that money you spend eating out for lunch every day. Instead of spending that money, pack a lunch and put the money you save in an envelope. Every time you reach your savings goal take a special person in your life out for an amazing meal. Maybe it is your spouse or a close friend. Try new places, you’ve earned it and we’re sure it will be more memorable than a Big Mac. This resolution is about quality over quantity with a dash of adventure thrown in.

2- Try Something New

Sure we all like to try new things, but let’s face it, the reality is you either love sushi, or you don’t. However, you still had to take that first bite to find that out that you didn’t like it. It turns out even though you didn’t like the Sushi, that experience was literally good for your health. Don’t take our word for it see what the experts atPsychology Today say about trying new things:

  1. Trying something new often requires courage. And needing to summon courage is itself a benefit. Once it’s released it will, like its second cousin once removed, anger, indiscriminately engulf everything in its path. How wonderful to open a flood of courage and be carried on its waves to destinations of an unexpected benefit.
  2. Trying something new opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new. Entire careers, entire life paths, are carved out by people dipping their baby toes into small ponds and suddenly discovering a love for something they had no idea would capture their imaginations.
  3. Trying something new keeps you from becoming bored. Even I, the most routine-loving person I know, become bored if I’m not continually challenged in some way. And it’s not the new challenges I’m eager to take on that represent my greatest opportunities for growth—it’s the ones I’m not.
  4. Trying something new forces you to grow. We don’t ever grow from taking action we’ve always taken (the growth that enabled us to be able to take it has already occurred). Growth seems to require we take new action first, whether it’s adopting a new attitude or a new way of thinking, or literally taking new action. Thrusting yourself into new situations and leaving yourself there alone, so to speak, often forces beneficial change. A spirit of constant self-challenge keeps you humble and open to new ideas that very well may be better than the ones you currently hold dear (this happens to me all the time).

See we told you, literally your health depends on trying new things, and Ocean Isle Beach is loaded with opportunities to try new things. Need some ideas? Check out our previous post 10 Of the Best Family Things To Do In Ocean Isle Beach.

3- Travel MoreTravel More

When people think of travel they often think of week-long vacations. Like most of us, a week-long vacation is a treat that we often plan for all year. Maybe it is a beautiful week spend on Ocean Isle Beach, but this year we want you to travel more often, not necessarily longer. The easiest way to do this is to start including more day trips or maybe a single overnight trip each month into your schedule. Don’t forget Ocean Isle Beach isn’t far from many of the region’s largest cities, so come on down for a day, it is ok to explore a little before you arrive for your summer beach vacation.

4- Step Back in Time

History is all around us on Ocean Isle Beach from the historic swing bridge, to the historic Bald Head Island a short distance away. This year is the year to take some time to learn about the history of this beautiful part of the North Carolina. No matter where you live in the country there is a history unique to your area. Of course, while visiting Ocean Isle Beach you can visit several museums and learn about what life was like on Ocean Isle Beach for previous generations. As they say, if you don’t know your past you can’t know your future, but more importantly, when you know the history of a place like Ocean Isle Beach you come to realize just how special a place it is. A great place to start is Museum of Coastal Carolina during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation.

5- Read More

Nothing goes with a day on the beach like a great book. Whether you’re a fan of romance novels or historical fiction there is something out there for everyone and now is the year to take some time and feed the brain with a good book. However, not only is reading great for the mind, it is a wonderful way to relax while sitting on an Ocean Isle beach. The surf, the sun, a cold drink and just endless pages of a great read, now that is is a resolution we can all get behind. If you are looking for some suggestions check out the New York Times list of 10 best books of 2017it’s a great place to start.

6- Make Memories

As we noted in our previous post The Best 10 Christmas Traditions to Start This Year memories are what enrich one’s life and 2018 is the perfect year to start making new memories. These don’t need to be epic events. Often the best memories are made in the small or unplanned moments. In 2018 we hope whether at Ocean Isle beach or in your hometown you take more time to connect with your loved ones. Make the memories part of your everyday life. For example, I remember as a kid my dad always taking us for a biscuit on Thursday mornings before school. Again the trick is to find that connection and create moments you will cherish forever. Of course, if you need help creating an epic memory we can help with that too.

7-Take Your Photo At 5 New Places

With the advent of the integrated camera in our cell phones, we all have the ability to take amazing pictures anytime and anyplace. However, it 2018 we want to encourage you to use your phone and camera to get you out more, to explore and see all that Ocean Isle Beach has to offer. So for this resolution, your task is to take 5 photos at 5 new places that you haven’t been before. This can be a restaurant, a different beach access, or on an adventure you’ve not tried before. Make it fun, get the whole family involved. When you are done…well remember how we wanted you to make more memories, we’re sure you’ll have some great ones if you try this resolution. Don’t forget to share with us in the comments below the best new place you’ve found to take a picture on the OIB.

8-Find One on One Time

Here’s the thing, we all have busy lives. Work, friends, and family responsibilities can take so much of our time that it is easy to forget to step back and look at those who are closest to us. This year make a commitment to at least once a month plan some special time with someone important to you. Don’t just lookthem up on Facebook or Instagram and send a message, no that isn’t enough for this challenge, for this one you need to take some time and actually get together. Maybe it is a girl’s night out, or playing golf with an old college buddy. Of course, it can also just be as simple as taking your spouse out for a quiet dinner. The possibilities are endless, but the memories will be timeless.

9-Pick Up a HobbyYoga

Yoga, kayaking, writing, cooking or volunteering are just a few hobbies that are great for you-you try. Some of the benefits of hobbies are an in fact, not just fun, but beneficial for your health and overall well being. Don’t believe us? A2015 study found that leisure activities increase positive moods, reduce stress, and are even linked to lowering your heart rate. So if there is a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try then 2018 is the time to start. Think of it as doctor’s orders to have more fun in your life.

10-Visit Ocean Isle beach

No year can be considered truly great without a trip to Ocean Isle Beach, and this is the year to plan your perfect beach vacation. With loads of amazing vacation homes, we have a place that will fit all of your family’s needs. So come visit us for a day, a week or as long as you like. We have everything right here on Ocean Isle Beach to make sure you follow through with all nine of these resolutions.

As we enter 2018 in a few short days it is our hope that you and your family have a wonderful and safe New Year. Whether you try one or all of these New Year’s resolutions we hope to see you on Ocean Isle Beach in 2018. With so many new and exciting things happening on Ocean Isle Beach we’re sure it is going to be a great year to visit. To start planning your 2018 vacation click the link below.
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