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As parents, we all know that snacks are life. No one wants hangry kids during a beach day, so make sure you’re well-prepared with some quick and easy beach snacks during your NC beach vacation. Here are our top 10 favorites to pack for the kids during your Ocean Isle beach days. What’s yours?

1. Homemade Beach Snack Mix

Take a cup or two of each of your kids’ most-loved snacks and mix them all together. All-time favorites include pretzel sticks, goldfish, cheerios, marshmallows, dried fruit, Chex cereal, or whatever snackable things your kids love most. (Skip anything that has chocolate or other items that will melt and/or get sticky in the heat.) Sweeten up your snack mix with thesebeachy sprinkles and marshmallowsfor extra fun. Mix all of the snack items together and put them in individual containers or resealable bags for each child to munch on throughout the day.

2. Fresh Fruit Skewers

Everything tastes better on a stick, right? Right! Serve up fresh fruit on a skewer for an easy and fun way to enjoy a cool refreshing beach snack. Strawberries, pineapple, grapes, blueberries—choose your kids’ favorite fruits, stack them on skewers, and enjoy.

3. Yogurt Cups with Fruit & Granola

A little bit of creaminess, a little bit of color, and a little bit of crunch combine to make the perfect beach snack. Add some fresh fruit to their yogurt cups and top with crunchy granola for an easy, yummy, and healthy treat. Make one for yourself, too!

4. PB&J Sandwiches with a Beachy Twist

Sometimes the traditional favorites can be leveled up with a little a novelty. Use beach themed cookie cutters to cut out the PB&J sandwiches and put a beachy twist on this classic kid-friendly favorite food.

5. Pretzel Sticks with Dip

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things. Pair single-serving peanut butter dipping cups, Nutella, or dippable cheese cups with some pretzel sticks for a satisfying snack. Dipping is part of the fun here!

Beach Snack Mix for Kids | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals
Ants on a log and other variations of this classic snack  | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals
Fresh fruit skewers  | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals

6. Tortilla Roll Ups

There are infinite ways to fill tortillas and roll them up for easy, mess-free eating. Turkey and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, flavored cream cheese, chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, and the list goes on and on. The kids can even help you make these, they’re that simple.

7. Energy Balls

Energy balls are great for everyone from toddlers to teens. With so many combinations to choose from, you’re sure to find some family favorites. Pack them up in tupperware or wrap them individually for quick, healthy snacks that are filling and satisfying. Check out these kid-friendly energy ball recipesfor your next beach day.

8. Rice Cakes with Almond Butter & Banana Slices

Rice cakes are underrated these days. Sure they can be bland all by themselves, but topped with a variety of flavors elevates them to worthy beach snacks. Almond butter and banana slices are a great combo but you can top them with whatever you and your family like most.

9. Ants on a Ranch, Fish in a Stream, Berries on a Branch…

Ants on a log is the classic celery, cream cheese, and raisin combination that is good for a giggle—and a snack. But have you heard of the other new variations? Well, there are 8 ways to spin this snack and give it a modern twist. The only catch is you have to call each by its correct name. Try one or try them all!

10. Cucumber Slices with Cream Cheese & Everything Bagel Seasoning

Slathering cucumber slices with rich cream cheese and then topping them with Everything Bagel seasoning takes this veggie to the next level. This is a really easy, bite-size snack. You can change up the seasoning to your family’s tastes, but the Everything Bagel seasoning is typically a crowd pleaser.

What are Your kids’ favorite beach snacks?

We want to know!

10 Easy and Yummy Beach Snacks to Pack for the Kids Pinterest | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach Rentals
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