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Get ready for the beach with these great hacks that will make any day at the beach all the more fun. All of these hacks are simple, cheap and practical. Let’s get started with ten beach hacks that will make your Ocean Isle Beach vacation amazing.

1. Baby powder to combat sticky sand

Did you know that baby powder is a handy way to keep sand off your feet? Sprinkle liberally on your hands and feet. The powder absorbs the moisture from the skin, causing the sand to brush right off. This one is by far the best hack for the beach.

2. Protect your phone in a plastic sandwich bag

Why spend money on a fancy waterproof phone case? Instead just toss your phone in a plastic sandwich bag and you can keep it sand and splash safe. Another great benefit is that you’ll still be able to use the touchscreen to take pictures of the kids and family at their favorite beach on Ocean Isle Beach.

3. Mesh hamper for cleaning sandy toys

Toys are a must for any beach vacation but you’re likely to bring not only memories but a lot of sand home with you. Toss all of your sandy toys into a mesh pop up hamper or hamper bag and give them a good shake to leave the sand behind. If the beach has a rinsing area, you can even rinse the toys while in the bag and they’ll be able to dry on your way home.

4. Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

We all know that protecting ourselves from the sun is of paramount importance, but somehow, we all manage to get sunburned every now and again. Want an instant cure? Aloe Vera Ice Cubes are just what you need — cooling, healing and soothing.

5. Make pockets for your beach towel

If you really want to relax at the beach, then pocketed beach towels are the perfect hack. Just take an oversized beach towel and sew pockets on one end of the towel (much simpler than it sounds). No more rummaging in giant beach bags, hunting down now-crumpled books, headphones or sunscreen — they’re all right there.

6. Make a kiddie pool with a shower curtain liner

Make your own kiddie pool by digging a hole and lining it with a cheap shower curtain liner. Kids will love digging the hole and have a blast splashing around. You can get cheap liners for a dollar at the Dollar Store; just toss it in a trash can when you leave!

7. Have fruit kabobs as a snack

Avoid a bag full of broken and bulky fruit by making fruit kabobs before you go. Just slice the fruit and pierce with a wooden skewer and wrap them in individual pieces of tin foil for a sweet mess-free snack during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation.

8. Use A fitted sheet

How smart is this?! Prop a fitted sheet up with beach bags and coolers to keep pesky sand away, and to create a clean zone for eating. Simply take the sheet and place large items like a cooler or backpack in the corners to create a sand-free play zone.

9. Wrap valuables in a diaper

We love this one. Want to keep your valuables safe? Who looks in a diaper! Wrap your valuables in a diaper. Thieves won’t go rifling through what appears on the surface to be a dirty diaper.

10. Bring Balloons

If your kids’ ears get plugged with water after swimming all day, simply give them a balloon. Have them gently blow into the balloon three or four times. This will force the water out. Problem solved!

All that is left to do is pick which hacks you’re going to use and of course, pick your Williamson Realty Vacation rental property. You can give us a call at 800-727-9222 or click on the button below to explore all of our amazing properties.

Do you have a favorite beach hack? Let us know in the comments below.

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