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Why Travel Insurance is the Best Way to Protect Your Vacation Investment

Let’s face it, even an affordable vacation represents a big investment in your family’s time and money. Unfortunately, every year vacations are interrupted by unforeseen events. There might be a death in the family or an illness. There is even a chance Mother Nature has other plans for your vacation week. There’s only one way to protect your vacation investment, and that is by purchasing a travel insurance policy.

When you book your vacation with Williamson Realty Vacations, we’ll give you the option of purchasing travel insurance. This insurance represents a small investment that offers big protection for your family. If you have questions about our travel insurance policy, our helpful and friendly reservationists can answer any questions you may have about the coverage. Here is a quick review of some of the basic things you need to know.

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Three Common Questions Answered

How much does it cost?

Travel insurance premiums are calculated as a percentage of the value of your vacation rental lease. Because of this, no two policies are the same price. The percentage is only a fraction of your total contract. However, given all the things travel insurance covers, it is a great value.

When should I purchase travel insurance?

There are certain restrictions regarding the purchase date of travel insurance. For example, you cannot buy travel insurance once a storm or other event is known. The best advice is to purchase your travel insurance at the time you book your vacation.

Who provides the coverage?

Williamson Realty Vacations does not administer travel insurance. All of the policies we offer are underwritten and administered by General Global Assistance. Global Assistance is an industry-leading travel insurance company backed by years of experience. You can be assured they’ll be there just like we will when you need us most.

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10-Day Free Look

General Global Assistance is committed to providing you with the best possible service. That’s why, if you need to cancel your plan, they offer a refund of your plan cost as long as you cancel your insurance within 10 days of purchase and have not filed a claim or departed on your trip.

What does travel insurance cover?

Of course, the main question everyone wants to know is – what exactly does travel insurance cover? While each policy is different, below you’ll find the highlights of what travel insurance typically covers.

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  • Identity Theft Protection- We all hear about it and hope it never happens, but in this age of technology it is often a reality. Travel insurance offers several ways to assist you should you be a victim of identity theft.
  • Roadside Assistance- Nothing is worse than a breakdown while trying to get to your well-deserved vacation. Travel insurance offers certain roadside assistance benefits you’ll be glad to have.
  • Sporting Equipment Coverage- If your sporting equipment (golf clubs for example) are lost or stolen or even delayed for over 24 hours, your policy will help find or replace that equipment.
  • Concierge Services- Get pre-trip assistance and help making airline, hotel, rental car, and restaurant reservations. Even event ticketing services. Help with scheduling golf tee times and more.
  • Medical/Dental Expenses- Unplanned medical or dental expenses can put a significant dent in a family budget. With travel insurance some of these expenses may be covered.

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Why Travel Insurance is the Best Way to Protect Your Vacation Investment

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