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Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that bring the most enjoyment. When is the last time you looked up and took a few moments to observe the great expanse of the night sky? Ocean Isle Beach happens to be a wonderful place for stargazing, so put it on your NC beach vacation to-do list. It’s guaranteed to be a different sky show every night. Here are a few reasons why stargazing in OIB is simply amazing!

More Dark Sky & Less Light Pollution

The term “dark sky” means more than its literal definition. This term refers to places where the night sky is free from the interference of artificial light and is the almost complete absence of all light. Ocean Isle Beach and the other Brunswick Island beaches in North Carolina are set away from the mainland and therefore have less light pollution, which makes stellar conditions for stargazing—particularly on a new moon or near a new moon when the sky is darker than other nights. Save the full moon sky watching for another time!

Milky Way Season Peaks During Beach Season

Did you know there’s a Milky Way season? There are 7-8 months per year (from March to October) in the Northern Hemisphere when the Milky Way is visible, with some months better than others. The peak months of Milky Way season are April through the end of July when the galactic center is more visible and for for a longer time period at night. This happens to coincide perfectly with beach vacation season. Check out the views next time you’re on your spring break or summer vacation in OIB.

Fewer Artificial Lights on the Beach During Sea Turtle Nesting Season

If you follow our blog, you already know that Ocean Isle Beach has a “lights out” practice on the beach during sea turtle nesting season, which runs from May through October on the NC beaches. Residents and vacationers are encouraged to turn off any artificial lights on and near the beach so that sea turtle hatchlings don’t get distracted or confuse those with the natural light that guides them back to the ocean waters. This also means darker beaches, less light pollution on the beach, and greater visibility for stargazing.

The Ingram Planetarium for Indoor Stargazing

Outside isn’t the only place to see the stars during your beach vacation. Don’t forget that the Ingram Planetarium is not far from your Ocean Isle Beach rental and located in nearby Sunset Beach. The planetarium offers a science hall, dome and laser shows, special events and plenty of astronomical fun for everyone. You can learn more about what Ingram Planetarium has to offer here.

Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals with Oceanfront Decks

You don’t have to go far for some of the best night sky viewing when you choose to stay in an oceanfront Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental. Not only are you mere steps from the beach for late night stargazing, but your beachfront rental will likely have an oceanfront deck, sun deck, patio, or other outdoor area perfect for sitting back, relaxing, and looking up at the awesome night sky. Enjoy!

👉Click here to check out a few photos of the night sky in our local area during Milky Way season. They’re amazing!

Where is your favorite place to stargaze in OIB?

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Why Stargazing in Ocean Isle Beach NC is AWESOME Pinterest | Williamson Realty Vacations Ocean Isle Beach NC Rentals
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