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Ten Awesome Tips to Make You Beach Baby Savvy | Williamson Realty Vacations

Bringing your little ones to the beach is a time-honored tradition that every parent looks forward to. Of course, a day on the beach with a baby or toddler has its own set of challenges. Your little one is sure to be spending time on the sand and in the water. After all, what is an Ocean Isle Beach vacation if not one filled with sun drenched days on the beach. However, it can be more than a handful to head down to the beach carrying all the supplies you need for your little one. Then you have to contend with the sun, sand…all while keeping your family safe, happy, and having a great time. This week we have ten tips and trick to help make your day on the beach not only a fun one but also a safe and stress free one.

Get a beach cart

A beach cart may seem like an unnecessary luxury, but trust us, you’ll be glad you got one. Here’s the good news. Beach carts can be rented or purchased so don’t worry about breaking the bank. We recommend a collapsible beach cart that will fold up small enough to fit into the trunk of your car, but will hold a large amount of stuff when it comes time to haul your family’s gear. Make sure to get the kind with extra big wheels for the sand!

Bring a spray bottle

For a buck few things offer such practical use as a spray bottle. A small spray bottle can be found at any local big box store or dollar store. It will be a cool companion on the beach. Fill your spray bottle with water and mist away. Not only will it help you and your baby beat the heat….it will also be a great cheap squirt gun that the kids will love.

Bring a gallon of water

Not all beach accesses have facilities for rinsing off. In a pinch, a water dispenser with a spigot (in the car) will do a quick and dirty job until you get home. After all…sometimes, you just need to wash your hands! Don’t have a water jug with a spigot. Use a gallon jug and poke a few holes in the top and bam you have a small shower to rinse your hands and feet with.

beach cart on the beach | Williamson Realty

Ziplock Bags

A sealable plastic bag can be your best friend at the beach! You can protect everything from a diaper and a change of clothes for baby… to your cell phone and camera. It is also a great idea to keep sunscreen and other leaky items sealed up in a ziplock bag… to avoid potential messes. Sand plus spilled sunscreen equals one hot mess!!

baby powder | Williamson Realty

Baby Powder

Have you ever struggled to get the sand off sticky little hands and feet? Well, a quick dusting of baby powder that is then brushed off with a towel should do the trick! It seems too simple…but it works!

Beach Blanket…Refitted

There are many different beach blankets on the market. How about one that “fits” you and your baby? Many parents are finding that a fitted bed sheet makes the perfect beach blanket. You simply lay the fitted sheet on the sand, place your cooler/beach bags/etc. at each corner, and pull the elastic corners up and around your cooler/beach bag/etc. Your beach blanket now has sides that will help to keep your baby in and the sand out.

Make Your Own Tidal Pool

The reality is most little ones are probably too small to safely play in the ocean and certainly not alone. So why not bring a little bit of the ocean to them. Hopefully, this will help to keep your little one from crawling towards the waves. A small blow-up kiddie pool is the perfect solution. Once you have the pool blown up, quickly fill it with water using beach buckets. Fill the pool to the appropriate depth for your child. If you would like to try something a little different, dig a shallow “pool” in the sand, and line it with a thick plastic shower curtain. There should be enough plastic up and over the sides so that you can pile sand around the edges to keep the plastic in place. Fill with water as mentioned above. These simple pools will provide the kids hours of entertainment!

Enjoy the sun

We all love the sun, it’s the beach after all. However, there are special considerations with infants and toddlers on the beach. That soft baby skin needs some extra TLC to make sure they don’t get burned. Here are a few suggestions that you can bring to the beach, along with the sunscreen.

young boy wearing rash guard on the beach | Williamson Realty

Rash Guard Swimwear

Covering your little one with protective swimwear is an easy way to avoid too much sun. You will already be purchasing a swimsuit or trunks, so spend your money for the one that will offer the most protection. Many of these rash guards and shirts offer a fair amount of SPF protection all while still being super cute!

beach umbrella on the beach | Williamson Realty

Bring Your Own Shade

A good quality beach umbrella with an umbrella sand anchor is one way to give your family shade while on the beach. The sand anchor will help to keep your umbrella from blowing away, and purchasing one made of plastic will keep it from rusting. Please note that Ocean Isle Beach does not allow canopy tents on the beach. So go traditional this summer with a colorful umbrella.

Clip Away

Many parents like to bring a playpen to the beach. If that is you, then you can make your own shade canopy for your baby. Purchase some large claw-style hair clips, and secure a lightweight cloth or beach towel over the play-pen. If you already have a fitted playpen sheet, you can simply slip it over the top to create a canopy.

Have you made your vacation plans for 2019? There’s still plenty of time to get to the beach and create that magic moment with your little ones. Let us help you find the perfect vacation home for your late summer or early fall Ocean Isle Beach vacation. Our helpful staff is here to help you every step of the way. Give us a call today at 800-727-9222 or click the button below.

Ten Awesome Tips to Make You Beach Baby Savvy | Williamson Realty Vacations

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