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Sweat in the Sand: 5 Fun Workouts for You to Try at the Beach

Getting fit, staying tone, and being healthy should be at the top of everyone’s to do list. Vacations can often lead to loads of unhealthy fast foods, and long trips sitting on your bum. Your Ocean Isle Beach vacation should be a time to relax, unwind, and escape from the ordinary. But just because you break out of the “routine”, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your health. One way to stay in tip-top shape is to get a little sweaty….in the sand! Here are 5 fun workout ideas to help keep you in shape…mind, body, and spirit…while at the beach. Year-round, the pristine coastline of Ocean Isle Beach offers an exercise oasis. So grab a towel and a bottle of water, and prepare to flex and stretch your way to the best vacation ever!

Bikini Body Workout


Whether you are sticking with a one-piece or you are bikini ready…this workout is perfect for you. Tone It Up offers a 22 minutes workout video, and a free downloadable workout routine PDF. All you will need to get started is a mat or towel, and a set of light weights. Traveling without hand weights? Then two water bottles filled with water or wet sand will do the trick!

If you are wanting to get in shape before your beach vacation, then check out the Tone It Up Challenge!! It may be just he thing to jump start a new exercise routine!

Crossfit Workout

Have you ever wanted to try a little crossfit in the sand?? Then this circuit routine will be a great addition to your beach vacation! This workout can be done at your own pace, which makes it easy enough for beginners…and challenging enough for expert! The goal is to have as little rest as possible between each exercise, and repeat the entire routine 3 times. If you didn’t pack your 100 meter measuring tape in your suitcase, don’t worry. Just draw a line in the sand that marks a beginning and ending point (that you are comfortable with), for the 100 meter sprint/run. The only exercise in this routine that requires an additional piece of equipment are the body rows. If your beach access has steps, there may be enough room to use the space under that stairs to do body rows. If not, then just swap those out for another set of pushups.

Yoga on the Beach

Here is another great workout from Tone It Up. Now it’s time to try a fantastic yoga flow…on the beach! This yoga sequence will help you stretch and tone your way into a relaxing and well-centered day. You will want to bring your phone or iPad with you, so that you can follow along with the video. To protect your electronics from the sand, a simple zip-top bag will do the trick. Remember to adjust the brightness on your device for optimal viewing. If you don’t have a yoga mat with you, then consider using a large beach towel or beach blanket. Now you are ready for some yoga! Just image the gentle breeze flowing off of the ocean, the sweet smell of the salty air, and the warm embrace of the suns rays. Inhale…..exhale.

Soccer Ball Workout (Kid-Friendly)

If you are traveling with children, chances are you will have a ball or two along for the journey. A soccer ball makes a great addition to a workout that is kid-friendly and tons of fun! Here’s what you do:

Using the soccer ball, each participant does “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” 4 times each.

Toss the ball back and forth: overhead, underhand, and straight from the chest. Repeat 4 times.

While jogging, dribble the ball and pass it back and forth.
While stationary, kick the ball back and forth with your partner.

Walk. Walk. Walk!


Did you know that walking barefoot on the beach is good for your health?? It is! Not only do you burn more calories walking in sand versus walking on a hard surface, but you are also neutralizing free radicals in your body. Talk about a lot of bang for your buck! Whether you choose to go barefooted or slip on your favorite sneakers, walking on the beach is great exercise for any fitness level. From a leisurely stroll to a hard-core, heart-pumping power walk….you will love stretching your legs at the beach. Be sure to carry a bag on your walk…and you can collect seashells or litter as you go. After all, each time you bend over…you are working your core and burning more calories!

No matter which way you choose to sweat in the sand, you won’t be able to ask for a better workout venue than the sandy shore of Ocean Isle Beach. Come enjoy all that OIB has to offer!!

Remember to check the weather, so you can dress appropriately. Be sure to always drink plenty of water so that you stay well hydrated. And don’t forget the sunscreen!!
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Sweat in the Sand: 5 Fun Workouts for You to Try at the Beach Pin
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