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If you’re like us, you live for sunny days, and spring break is that first glimmer of sunshine after a long winter! We believe spending your spring break at the beach is the best way to relax, have fun, and enjoy the season’s beauty. Our blog post is ready to help you plan the best, most memorable spring break on Ocean Isle Beach, so keep reading to learn why you should consider enjoying your next spring break Ocean Isle Beach style!

Reasons to Spend Your Spring Break on Ocean Isle Beach

You Deserve a Vacation!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life between work, kids, family, friends, and more. Often, we forget to take time out to sit and relax. What better place to do so than the beautiful beach? Whether you enjoy a steaming cup of coffee as you enjoy the morning dolphins from your vacation rental or sip a lovely glass of wine in the evening breeze, we’re sure you’ll enjoy your much-needed relaxation. 

There Are Fewer Crowds

At Ocean Isle Beach, summer is our peak vacation season. When you vacation during spring break, the crowd volume is lower, which means you get to have more of the beach to yourself. Of course, all the best local attractions are also less crowded, so it’s much easier to enjoy them. 

The Weather Is Wonderful

The North Carolina coast has very pleasant springs. In a typical spring, it doesn’t get too hot or cold. It’s just lovely! The sun is warming things up, the flowers are blooming, and all of nature is waking up. 

Where to Stay During Your Spring Break on Ocean Isle Beach

Skip the cramped hotel room and stay in one of our fantastic vacation rentals! We have accommodations for parties of two, large families, and everything in between. You can stay right on the beach or just a short stroll away. Our vacation rentals come with everything you need to feel right at home. Click here to see what’s available and book your spring break “home away from home” today! Don’t wait until the last minute to book your vacation; the earlier you plan, the more options you have. 

Tips For Making the Most of Your Spring Break Vacation 

Unplug and Unwind

Most families today are constantly connected to their cell phones, laptops, and tablets. One way to make the most of your time as a family is to unplug. The pressures of work and the constant need to update your social media all need to be paused for a few days (or at least a few hours) during your vacation. We suggest having a basket or bag where everyone must put their phones in for a certain period. This time could be for dinner, a movie, or a walk on the beach. Aim for a couple of hours each day when everyone will be together and free from technology and see what memories are created! 

Cook At Your Vacation Rental 

While enjoying your vacation, don’t feel obligated to eat out for every meal. All our vacation rentals come with well-appointed kitchens that make cooking a delicious meal a breeze. Not only is cooking at your vacation rental a great way to save money, but it’s also a great way to get the whole family involved and make a few new memories! 

Plan Fun Activities 

So many fun and exciting adventures are waiting for you to enjoy on and near Ocean Isle Beach! Besides relaxing on the beach, you can enjoy ziplining, ATV adventures, escape rooms, winery tours, water activities like fishing, SUP, kayaking, bowling, The Museum of Coastal Carolina, go-karts, and so much more! When planning your vacation, be sure to get the whole family involved and pick a few fun activities that everyone will enjoy.

Schedule Downtime

With all the fun and exciting adventures you’ll be having, it’s important to schedule time to rest. We encourage you to take a day or afternoon to just enjoy being at your vacation rental without anything particular to do. It’s nice to have nothing to do sometimes! 

Spending spring break on Ocean Isle Beach is the best way to spend spring break! There are so many fun things to do and moments to enjoy, especially the unexpected, spontaneous moments. We hope you’ll make plans to enjoy your next spring break with us. We’re here to help make it a spring break to remember! 

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