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How to Plan Your Thanksgiving Beach Vacation

With fall arriving it is time to start thinking about one of our favorite times of the year…Thanksgiving! There are a lot of places you can choose to have Thanksgiving, but none are as amazing as the beach. If you’ve never had Thanksgiving at the beach, 2020 is the perfect year to start a new family tradition. Here is everything you need to know to plan a beach vacation Thanksgiving.

Find a Thanksgiving vacation rental

Of course, the first thing you need to do is choose a destination and rental. Ocean Isle Beach is the perfect place for a family gathering. We have a great selection of vacation homes and it’s easy to get here from all major metropolitan areas on the east coast. Give us a call today to book a wonderful home or condo like the one you see here.

Day Before the Big Turkey Day

Sure, the day before Thanksgiving can be hectic with all the food prep, family coming and going, and all those pesky last minute details we all fret over. Relax, you’re at the beach! Take this day, or at least carve out a small part of this day or evening before Thanksgiving, to gather friends, family, and loved ones. Whether you have fifteen excitable relatives or just a quiet gathering of close friends, today is the day to reconnect and be thankful for what is really important – the people in your life. Here are a few ways to celebrate a day with friends and family.

1 – Disconnect from technology- Turn off the phones, forget the Facebook and Instagram updates.

2 – Get outside- It is rare that the weather isn’t beautiful during Thanksgiving. With miles of beautiful beaches to walk and enjoy, this is the perfect time to reconnect with nature.

3 – Seashell Hunting- While out on the beach don’t forget to gather seashells. They will come in handy later in the weekend or tonight when you want to make some beautiful seashell crafts. Making homemade decorations and crafts is an especially great way to enjoy and connect with the little ones. It also will keep them entertained without being plugged into the smartphone! For some great craft ideas check out our previous post: The 10 Best Easy and Fun Seashell Craft Ideas.

4 – Pizza Night- Order out tonight! There will be plenty to cook tomorrow, and besides, tonight is a family movie and/or game night. Ocean Isle Beach has a lot of great places for pizza. Pick a movie or fun game that the whole family or group will enjoy. Have a slice of pizza and some popcorn and take a look around the room. This is what Thanksgiving it is all about.

Plan the perfect dinner

There are a lot of important parts of any Thanksgiving celebration, but food is perhaps the most essential. If you need a little inspiration while preparing your next Ocean Isle Beach-inspired Thanksgiving dinner, check out our previous blog post: The Ultimate Beach Inspired Thanksgiving Dinner. It has everything you need to celebrate with style.

Stay in shape

The holiday season is upon us and for many, this is a tough time to stay fit. With all of those tasty holiday treats, winter weather, and, of course, the shorter days, it isn’t hard to understand why winter is the hardest time of the year to stay fit. Have no fear, this year doesn’t have to be that way. With a few little changes in your daily routine and diet, you too can stay fit during the holiday season (and all winter long). Check out our previous post: How to Stay in Shape this Winter for fitness tips you can use just as easily this Thanksgiving.

Have you booked your Ocean Isle Beach Thanksgiving yet? If you haven’t, now is the time to call one of our friendly reservationists at 800-727-9222 to begin planning your fall vacation. Of course, you can always just click the button below to use our easy to use and secure website to book a vacation today.

Book your Ocean isle Beach Thanksgiving today.

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How to Plan Your Thanksgiving Beach Vacation
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