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How to plan a holiday themed movie night the whole family will love

The holidays are fast approaching, and now is the perfect time to start planning your family’s holiday Ocean Isle Beach vacation! Once you’ve booked your holiday vacation, you can then start planning all your family’s holiday activities. This week we have a fun family tradition that everyone is sure to love! Get ready to pop some popcorn, fire up the DVD player, and have a holiday themed family movie night! Here’s how to plan the perfect family movie night.

Picking the right movie

The first step to a great movie night is, well, a great movie. There are lots of great movies to choose from. Whether you want a classic or a modern comedy, the holiday movie genre is full of wonderful movies. However, since this is a family movie night, make sure to include the kids. Maybe you want to start early and let the kids pick a movie and then have mom and dad pick a movie. I confess, I make my daughter watch It’s a Wonderful Life every year. Need a movie suggestion? Here are three great titles you might enjoy.

movie cover for National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation | Williamson Realty

Christmas Vacation

This is is a hilarious movie that stars Chevy Chase. There are so many famous lines in this movie we could write an entire blog about this iconic movie. Of course, this is definitely a movie that is more appropriate for the teenagers in the family.

movie cover for It's A Wonderful Life | Williamson Realty

It’s A Wonderful Life

Okay, okay- maybe I am biased but this black and white movie is timeless in its message and for its beautiful acting. The movie stars Jimmy Stewart and is simply a must-see for any Christmas buff.

movie cover for Elf | Williamson Realty


I’ve never heard anyone say they didn’t like the movie Elf. No matter how old you are, this is a hilarious movie that stars Will Ferrell and Zoe Deschanal. Get ready to laugh your heart out with this quirky movie that is full of holiday cheer.

Have a movie marathon

If you have a particularly cool or rainy day, why not start the movie night early? Pick three or four movies and then draw straws to see who in the family gets to choose a movie first. You could even write the names on a slip of paper and let each family member “draw” a movie selection. Have fun with it, this will be especially fun for families with little kids.

Get comfortable

For the ultimate family night you may need to move the couch or put dad’s favorite chair in a different spot. For the little ones, grab lots of pillows and blankets. Tonight is all about getting comfy. Throw on those favorite sweatpants and relax!


No movie night is complete without good food! Every family has their favorite movie treats. From popcorn to pretzels, plan on having a variety of snacks that represent everyone’s favorite treats. Here are two fun ideas you can try.

dollar store movie caddies | Williamson Realty

Snack Caddy

Take a small shower caddy (Dollar Store) and use the space to create a small snack caddy. This will allow each person to have a place to put their drink, popcorn, and other snacks all in one easy to carry container

ice cream sundae | Williamson Realty


What could be better than ice cream and the movies? Try creating a sundae bar so everyone can make his or her own sundae for the big show. Don’t forget the toppings! You can even do a holiday theme with red and green sprinkles. The sky is the limit.

No distractions allowed

The whole point of the family movie night is to carve out some of that all important, and increasingly rare, family time. For many of us, we are constantly on our phones, checking in with social media, or playing a game. During movie night, it is important for everyone to be engaged. Have everyone put their phone in a drawer in another room. We promise you’ll be shocked how much better family night will be!

Do you have a favorite holiday movie that your family likes to watch each year? If you do, we would love to hear about it! Like and follow us on your favorite social media and let us know all about your favorite movie. Don’t forget there is still plenty of time to book an Ocean Isle Beach vacation! Just give us a call today at 800-727-9222 to speak with a reservationist or click the button below to see our selection of vacation homes.

How to plan a holiday themed movie night the whole family will love

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