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How to Make the Perfect Pitcher of Southern Style Sweet Tea

Is there anything better than a tall glass of southern sweet tea? Sweet tea is a refreshing choice, whether you have a picnic or party coming up, or just want to make a gallon to keep in your Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental.

So what makes southern sweet tea such an amazing, popular drink? It’s that perfect blend of tea, water and sugar served in an ice-cold glass. It’s light, sweet, refreshing, and as any southerner can tell you…addictive. This week we have everything you need to make the perfect pitcher of southern sweet tea for your next gathering.

Not Just Any Tea Will Do

For many in the north, Lipton is a popular tea. However, here in the south, Luzianne brand is by far the most popular. Luzianne specially selects tea leaves for the purpose of being used in ice tea as opposed to hot tea. Lipton certainly works well and is also very popular. Of course, brands are a matter of personal preference. If you have a brand that is close to your heart and your tastebuds, then by all means, use that one. Typically, a black tea (like that found in Luzianne and Lipton) provides the most consistent flavor.

Tea | Williamson Realty

Brewing Perfection

Forget boiling water – embrace the cold brew. As long as you use tap water that is hot enough to dissolve the sugar, you will have success.

Cold-brewing is great because it gently brings out the flavors of the tea bag over time without any bitterness, resulting in a silky flavor you’ll love. Once the sugar dissolves in the hot water, you just add the tea bags and let them work their magic in the fridge.

Use a ratio of 6 regular size tea bags per gallon of water. Next, you’ll want to leave the tea to brew for 8 hours for the best flavor.

Cold Brew Ice Tea | Williamson Realty

More Sugar Please

Can you ever have too much sugar? Maybe, but it is hard to imagine.Southern sweet tea is very sweet and never ever bitter.A good rule of thumb is to use a cup-and-a-third of sugar per gallon. This amount creates the perfect amount of sweetness that balances well with the flavor of the tea. Of course, you can adjust this amount according to your preference, but for us, this is spot on.

Sugar | Williamson Realty

Ice, Ice Baby

Let’s face it, on a hot summer day on Ocean Isle Beach a little ice in your tea is a refreshing treat. Tea is best served in a tall glass of ice. Chewing on ice is a satisfying past time on a hot day. Finish off your tea with lemon slices, or maybe a few sprigs of mint. All that it left to do is kick back on the beach, pull out a good book or turn on some great tunes.

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Are you looking for a great southern destination to go along with your tall glass of sweet tea? If you are, we have the perfect place for your family. Ocean Isle Beach is the ideal family-friendly beach destination on the North Carolina coast. Give us a call today at 800-727-9222 to speak with one of our friendly reservationists and book your summer 2021 vacation. Of course, you can always click the button below to book your vacation on our safe and secure website.

How to Make the Perfect Pitcher of Southern Style Sweet Tea

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