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Incredible Beach Games

No day on the beach is complete without gathering the family to play some great beach games. Today, we look at some of the best games to bring to the beach. The games in today’s post are all simple to play and easy to take to the beach. Fall is a great time to hit the beach, and with anOcean Isle beach vacationit has never been easier to find that perfect beach rental. The water is warm and the temperatures are perfect for a day on the beach playing some great games with family and friends. Gather up the family, pack up the cooler, and have a blast with these games!

Packable Games

5 Great Packable Games

Ladder Golf: Who ever came up with this game is pure genius. Easy to carry and so easy to learn there is no end to the fun you can have with this game. It looks so easy, toss a bola onto a ladder. Get the bola on the highest rung of the ladder and you get 3 points, the middle rung is 2 points, and the bottom rung is 1 point. I knew I had a problem when my daughter and I had a game going with a score of 130 to 123 with no end in sight. To this day, we talk about those epic games and we are sure your family will as well.

Beach Bocce: This game looks deceptively easy. Bocce ball is the perfect game to play on the beach. Several vendors make beach bocce sets that are small, portable and specifically designed for the beach. Like many games, it is easily modifiable to allow kids of all ages to enjoy the game. Traditionally played on a 90-foot lane you can modify the length as needed for the kids. Playing is easy with only a few simple rules to follow.

To play, one team tosses the “jack” (a small ball) which is then the target for the rest of the balls (four balls per team). The team which placed the jack is given the opportunity to bowl first. Once the first bowl has taken place, the other side has the opportunity to bowl. From then on, the side which does not have the ball closest to the jack has a chance to bowl. Once all four balls have been bowled by a team, then the other side bowls its remaining balls. The team with the closest ball to the “jack” is the only team that can score points in any frame. The scoring team receives one point for each of their balls that are closer to the jack than the closest ball of the other team. The length of the game usually lasts from seven to thirteen points.
Beach Frisbee Golf: Frisbee golf is a hugely popular sport and growing in popularity every day. Now you can bring this game to the beach with portable frisbee golf baskets. Any number of players can play this game at once. You just need a frisbee for each person. This game is simple to set up and easy to pack for a day on the beach. The object of the game, much like regular golf is to have the lowest score.

Setup is easy. Simply set up the portable basket(s) on the beach. The set comes with a basket on a pole that stands about 4 feet high. This basket is akin to the hole on the green in golf. The basket is shaped like a funnel with short lengths of chain which snag the frisbee when tossed into the basket. Players then decide on what the par will be for that hole. Pick a tee off position, and then each player takes a turn throwing the frisbee towards the basket. The player closest to the basket goes next, alternating tosses between the group. The score is kept by counting how many tosses it takes to get the frisbee in the basket over or under the par.

Corn Hole: This is a wonderful game to get the competitive spirit alive and kicking in the family. Fun and easy to play, but deceptively challenging to master…this game is sure to cause the common refrain of “just one more game”. A crowdfavorite, you can find small portable versions of this game allowing you to take the action to the beach. Have fun, gather friends, and set up a little tournament. Either way, you won’t be able to play just one game.
This game is easy to play. Just set up the two boards. Officially, the distance between the front edge of each board is 27 feet. Teams consist of two players each. One player from each team stands behind each of the boards. Teams take alternating turns tossing the bean bags with the goal of getting as many bags as possible through the hole in the board. Have fun knockingyouropponents’ bean bags off the board. Games are played until one team scores 21 points. Points are counted by awarding 1 point for every bean bag that remains on the board after a toss, and 3 points for a bag that goes through the hole.

Zuma Bottle Battle
We warn you, you’ll get addicted to this game! The game comes with two poles, each with a small base at the top of the pole. On top of the base sits is a plastic cola shaped bottle. There is an included frisbee. The poles are set about 25 feet apart with the bottle placed on top. A team gets behinds each pole. Teams then take turns tossing the frisbee at the bottle to knock it off of the pole. If the receiving team drops the frisbee and/or allows the bottle to hit the ground the throwing team gets points. 1 point for dropping the frisbee and 3 points for dropping the bottle and the frisbee. If you knock the bottle off you get two points. Especially popular with teens and adults, the game can be shortened to make it easy for the smaller kids in the group. Either way, it is the perfect game to play at the beach or at the cottage around the grill while waiting for dinner.

Creative Games

Creative Games

Sand Pictionary
Instead of using pen and paper. Go to the edge of the surf where the sand is nice and damp, and easy to draw in. Use beach objects or fun things that you have seen while on your Ocean Isle Beach vacation as the subjects. Points can be scored in any manner that you want. Have fun with this simple and easy way to play Pictionary on the beach.

Channel Race Game
This is a fun game that everyone in the family can play. All you need is a few ping pong balls, a bucket for each person and the beach provides the rest. To play, follow these easy steps:
1) Have everyone dig a trench a little bit wider than the ping-pong ball from the ocean up the shore. You can get creative and make this as long or as short as you want. You can even make it twist and turn.
2) Get buckets for each person to be able to shuttle water from the surf to the top of the canal you dug.
3) The game starts by placing the ping-pong ball in the little canal you dug at the point farthest away from the ocean.
4) Participants play by running back and forth from the surf to the top of the canal with buckets full of water. The buckets are then poured into the canal causing the balls to race towards the ocean. The person who gets their ball to the surf first wins!
Towel Ball Toss
This game requires four people and a couple of beach towels. You can play using a beach ball, soccer ball, or really anything you can safely put in the towel. For a little extra fun… use water balloons! Stand about twenty feet apart with two people to a towel. Each person will hold an end of the towel. Place the ball or water-balloon in the towel. The team will then snap the towel, sending the ball flying to the other team. A great variation for older kids is to use a volleyball net to add an extra challenge. You can make up any scoring you wish, fewest drops etc… We can’t be responsible for where the water balloons land though…have fun!

Sand Tic-Tac-Toe
Playing tic-tac toe with the little ones isn’t just for passing time at the restaurant. I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t love this simple yet fun game. No paper? No problem! Ocean Isle Beach has the perfect canvas for you. Use the sand to create a large tic-tac-toe grid. To make the game more fun use seashells instead of Xs and Os. See our previous post:How to Score the Best Seashells On Ocean Isle Beach for some tips on finding shells.

Noodle Ring Toss
If your garage looks like mine, you probably have a bunch of foam float noodles. All you will need for this fun game is a couple of those noodles, something to cut one of them in half, and a couple pieces of duct tape. First, take a noodle and cut it in half. These two pieces will be used as the stakes. Take these and place them in the sand as far apart as your little ones can likely throw. Next, take the other complete noodle and form it into a ring. Tape the ends together keep the ring intact. This is now the ring for the kids to toss. Pointsare scored for getting the ring on the stake. Have fun, you can modify or make up other rules as you wish.

Ocean Isle Beach during the fall is a special place to visit and play. This is the perfect time to take advantage of our beautiful beaches for a little family fun. There is still plenty of time to find that perfect fall Ocean Isle Beach vacation rental. You bring the games, and we’ll provide the fall vacation of your dreams. We would love to hear about your family’s favorite beach game to play on Ocean Isle Beach.

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