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How to Combine School and Vacation in the Same Trip

For many of us with kids, school is now a virtual learning experience. Thousands of schools across the country are continuing to offer distance learning and/or virtual classes. There are even some colleges who are committed to this form of teaching for the foreseeable future. Of course, if you are a glass-half-full type of person, you realize that this means you can take your beach vacation any time you want. After all, nobody knows where you are when class is a virtual event. So why not head to Ocean Isle Beach for a little relaxation and fun? Go ahead, pack up the school books and the sunscreen. School isn’t out yet for summer, but summer is coming to the classroom early with these helpful tips.

Step 1. Rentals with WiFi

The first step you must take is finding a vacation home with WiFi. As we all know, virtual learning requires reliable and fast internet connections. Here on Ocean Isle Beach we have a great infrastructure with reliable WiFi. Better yet, almost all of our vacation homes (such as the one pictured here) come standard with WiFi. If you have any questions please be sure to verify with your reservationist that your chosen home has WiFi.

Looking for more information on this beautiful canal front home? Click here.

If you would like to see more homes with WiFi feel free to use our safe and secure reservation search byclicking here.

Step 2. Pack accordingly

The ages of your kids and their class requirements will determine what you need to bring. Remember to pack any important tools, such as power cords, laptops, and art supplies. Some school projects may require a printer. There are loads of printers you can purchase for under $100 that make printing from anywhere a breeze.

Prior to heading out on vacation, make sure to check in the with younger kids’ teachers to ensure you have the correct assignments and due dates for those assignments. Many schools have flexible assignment schedules and knowing this in advance will help remove some stress from teaching during vacation.

Step 3. Create a schedule

The best way to achieve balance during vacation is by preparing a schedule beforehand. If you know you are going to be visiting Ocean Isle Beach for a few days or a week, plan accordingly.

Make sure there is time for fun activities. Take advantage of mornings before it is too warm out and everyone wants to be on the beach. If you have a day-trip or activity planned, let the kids know ahead of time that one day might have more school work than another.

Step 4. Take advantage of technology

Use mobile apps and websites. Mobile applications, websites and online learning in general are pretty convenient at home, but they are even more convenient on-the-go. You can always download study materials on your mobile device and refer to them when you are traveling from place to place. You do not have to carry textbooks or other books with you. You have the opportunity to study anywhere, anytime which makes reviewing or learning new concepts quite convenient, easy, and fast.

Step 5. Be flexible

Parents already know that being flexible has certainly been a requirement over the last twelve months. On vacation, it is even more important. Balancing family activities, school and the weather are all par for the course. Be flexible. If the school has a technical problem preventing class that day, don’t sweat it – just head to the beach. If we have a rainy day, no worries. Take this time to have the kids work ahead on a few lessons, so they can have more fun the next day. Flexibility will pay big dividends to parents and kids alike.

Bringing vacation and school together has never been easier. We have a large selection of wonderful vacation homes in all the best locations on Ocean Isle Beach. Give one of our friendly reservationists a call today at 800-727-9222 or click the button below to begin planning your next Ocean Isle Beach vacation.

How to Combine School and Vacation in the Same Trip

Bring Your Classroom to Ocean isle Beach

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