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Everything You Need to Know as a First Time Beachgoer

If this the year for taking a new a vacation in a new destination, we have the perfect place for you. Ocean Isle Beach! Ocean Isle Beach is a beautiful small town located on the southern end of the North Carolina coast. If you’ve never been to the beach and have been considering a destination, you will love the charm and family-friendly atmosphere of Ocean Isle Beach. For those first timers to the beach, this week we have everything you need to be ready for your first beach vacation.

Please don’t trash the beach

Don’t bring glass bottles to the beach, since glass and bare feet make a bloody combination. Instead, bring plastic bottles and dispose of them properly. Watch out for trash and other signs of pollution. You can also help out by clearing any trash you see in your area.Ocean Isle Beach has pristine beaches and with our visitor’s help we can continue to have some of the best beaches on the east coast.

Protect yourself from the sun

Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun as well. Use SPF 30 (or higher) before you head out to the beach. You’ll want to apply this while your skin is cool and dry. Then make sure to reapply every hour or so, especially if you spend most of the day in the water. Speaking of water, use waterproof sunscreen so you don’t have to reapply as often. However, you need more than just sunscreen a good hat is invaluable for protecting your scalp and neck.

Note to dog owners

We all love man’s best friend, however dogs are not allowed on Ocean Isle Beach’s beaches from Memorial Day through Labor Day from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m each day. Dogs are otherwise always required to be on a leash. If you have a dog please make sure to clean up after your dog. Nothing is worse than leaving your dog’s calling card on the beach.

Keep it light

You’ll see those families, you know the ones, they have a wheelbarrow full of stuff for the beach. Remember, parking can be at a premium in the busy hours and months on the beach. Of course, with many of our homes, you can walk to the beach. Either way, keeping it light is a great way to make mom and dad’s day a little easier. A beach bag and a small cooler are all you need. Remember the essentials: sunscreen, hats, some water and a few snacks. Don’t forget a couple towels. If you have kids that are old enough a backpack for each kid is a great way to carry your items. Just remember, lugging a ton of stuff is no fun and not necessary.

Be Careful of the Marine Life

You’re in their territory, and although the marine wildlife most likely means no harm to you, it’s important for kids to be aware, mindful, and respectful of the aquatic environment and inhabitants around them. Jellyfish can sting whether they are alive or dead. Leaving sea turtle nests and other animal life undisturbed is part of respecting the coastal environment. It also helps to maintain the safety of the beach’s natural inhabitants. Ask your kids not to poke and prod any marine wildlife, but particularly anything that may cause them unintended harm. Stay away from murky waters and under or around piers where people are fishing for optimal prevention and protection

Learn To Identify Rip Currents

The ocean is one of nature’s great playgrounds.Ocean Isle Beach is incredibly lucky to be home to some of the best beaches on the east coast. Most days the ocean is a gentle giant, but you must remember to respect her power. Sadly, each year a few unlucky visitors find themselves caught in a rip current. This can be scary! However, panicking is the worst reaction. Make sure to read the posters about how to avoid and get out of a rip current. Take a moment to watch this video to find out from the pros how to have a safe and memorable day on the beach.

Always follow safe swimming practices

One of the most important things to do when swimming is to follow the basics of safe swimming. Here are five easy rules to remember.

1- Never swim alone

2- Never swim while under the influence

3- Know your limits

4- Never leave children unattended

5- If you are a new or inexperienced swimmer wear a coast guard approved floatation device

Tech and sand don’t mix well

If you intend on spending a day at the beach with your brand new iPhone, iPad or Galaxy, then make sure to have a good quality case. The goal is to protect your tech from the sun, saltwater, and sand. So this isn’t the time to skimp on a Dollar Store case.

Keep all of your additional electronics like cameras in gallon size Ziploc bags when not in use, so they don’t get wet or sandy. Remember that tech can also overheat in the sun. Store all of your small devices like your smartphone at room temperature, if possible. If this isn’t possible, then place your devices in a cooler.

Protect valuables

Ocean Isle Beach is an extremely safe family destination and crime is an anomaly here. However, thieves look for easy targets. The easiest way to protect agains a thief is by leaving most of your valuables locked at home. Forget dragging a purse and large wallet to the beach. Throw a few bucks in your pocket or tuck it away in the cooler somewhere in a ziplock. You won’t need much and it will be an easier loss than losing your wallet with all your credit cards. For tech, make sure to have passwords and location services activated. When possible, always be within sight of your items.

Are you ready for your first (or maybe your annual) beach vacation to Ocean Isle Beach? Whether this is your first time or not we are here to help you find the perfect vacation home for your family. Our dedicated staff of reservationists have years of experience and are knowledgeable of the local area. In short, there is no company better able to serve your vacation needs than Williamson Realty Vacations. Give us a call today at 800-727-9222 or click the button below to get started planning a beach vacation.

Everything You Need to Know as a First Time Beachgoer

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