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Everything You Need To Know About Surf Fishing on Ocean Isle Beach | Williamson Realty Vacations

Everybody has their own idea of the perfect day at the beach. For some of us, it is relaxing with a great book as the waves roll in. Other folks like to hit the water and surf the day away. However, if you love fishing and have never tried surf fishing then you’re in for a treat this week. This week we share with you everything you need to know to get started in the exciting sport of surf fishing. Let’s wet a line this summer on Ocean Isle Beach.

The best value in saltwater fishing.

There are a lot of ways to fish but saltwater fishing in particular can be expensive. However, surf fishing is relatively inexpensive. The reason for this is pretty simple, boats, charters, and offshore fishing gear is all expensive.Surf fishing on the other hand requires little specialized gear. All you need after that is to be able to get to the beach. Beaches, however, don’t charge fees for entrance, there is no fuel to purchase, and no tips for the crew, simply step onto the sand and set up shop. Ok, maybe not that easy but darn close. Let’s dive a little deeper into the set up you need.

surfcasting on ocean isle beach | Williamson Realty Vacations

fishing on ocean isle beach | Williamson Realty Vacations

Surfcasting v. Beach Fishing

Before we go too far let’s clarify what we are talking about because the purest out there can sometimes get a bit caught up (pardon the pun) about the name beach fishing v. surf casting/fishing. So what’s the difference? Surfcasting is actually wading into the surf and casting from the water.

Surfcasting can be very physical, requiring you to use your upper body to reel in the fish while waves are crashing around you. It also engages the lower body as you have to maintain your stability as the waves come in. Surfcasting is more involved than beach fishing.

Beach Fishing generally involves casting from the beach and then placing the rod in a holder that is spiked deep in the sand. You then sit back and wait to see what bites.

While there is a slight difference between the two, essentially the equipment is the same and you can do both while exploring this sport, especially if you are just starting. Don’t get caught up in the names, just have fun. Ok, now that we know what we are talking about let’s address the last bit of boring stuff before we get into the good stuff.

Make sure to get your license.

Ok so before we hit the beach, there is a little housekeeping you need to take care of.Any fisherman who wish to fish in North Carolina needs to comply with the states fishing regulations. This includes obtaining a valid fishing license. Anyone over the age of 16 will need a fishing license. There are certain exceptions which you can find on theNC Wildlife Resource Commission’swebsite. Luckily the state fishing license is inexpensive and easy to obtain. A license can be purchased either online or at several locations on Ocean Isle Beach.

The basic equipment list

Like any hobby or sport, you can go crazy purchasing equipment, and fishing is no different. However, for those looking to start surf fishing, there aren’t too many things that you need. Here is the basic list of things you’ll want to have before hitting the beach:

Saltwater Fishing Rod and Reel

Cast Net Tackle and Bait

Surf Fishing Rigs Knife

Bait Bucket Fishing License

Spare Spool of Line Tape Measure

Pliers or Disgorger Sunscreen and Sunglasses

Don’t have all of this equipment but still want to try surf casting during your Ocean Isle Beach vacation? No problem, there are several places on Ocean Isle Beach that rent everything you need to get started.

fishing gear | Williamson Realty Vacations

When and where to fish

Now that you have all your equipment and your license its time to hit the beach. Where and when you should fish? Here are a few pointers to get you started in finding just the right time and place.

Learning to read the beach and the water takes practice and experience. As you become more experienced, you’ll find there are other things to consider as well. Changing weather and tides will change the behavior of the fish. If you ask two surf anglers what the best conditions are for fishing, you’ll get ten opinions. However, there are a few generally accepted rules of thumb:

Overcast and rainy days can help minimize shadows from your line, making the bait more appealing.

Fish tend to feed during high tide and are more active at dawn and dusk. However, some species do prefer low tide. As we mentioned above experience is the best teacher.

Get to know the terrain of the shore. Note the low tide and mark the sandbanks, dips, hidden structures and changes in depth.

The proper technique

Learning proper surfcasting techniques isn’t hard. Surfcasting is similar to regular casting, but with more emphasis on distance and accuracy. Accuracy is needed to land your bait in the surf for the best results. The basic cast is a straight overhand cast. For an overhand cast, hold the rod in your hand, bend your arm in a ninety degree angle and quickly snap the pole, straightening your arm to get the greatest distance. The trick is to perfect the snap to get the power combined with the proper accuracy. The best surfcaster can combine power and accuracy with each cast.

surfcasting technique | Williamson Realty Vacations

Now that you have everything you need to hit the beach and surf fish for the “big one” you only need one more thing to make all your fishing dreams come true… an Ocean Isle Beach vacation home! Now it is easier than ever to check out our inventory of vacation homes. Just give us a call today at 800-727-9222 or click the button below to start your fishing vacation today.

Everything You Need To Know About Surf Fishing on Ocean Isle Beach | Williamson Realty Vacations

Do you have a surf fishing tip or trick? Leave a comment below and let us know all about it.

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