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Easy Ways to Keep Your Beach Home Safe and Secure

Vacation homes are a great investment. Here on Ocean Isle Beach we have a great selection of vacation homes to rent. However, if you are looking to purchase your next vacation home we have a great staff of realtors who can help you find your dream home. Of course, finding a property management company and protecting your asset is just one of the many ways Williamson Realty Vacations can assist you. Here are a few tips help you keep your future beach home safe and secure.

Hire a property management company

One of the easiest ways to make sure your Ocean Isle Beach home is in good hands is to hire a reputable property management company. Williamson Realty is one of the oldest and well regarded property management companies on Ocean Isle Beach. We offer an array of services and are always looking to help new vacation homeowners. For more information click here!

Make your vacation home look lived in

If a house looks vacant, it’s an open invitation to a burglar, so make sure your vacation home looks lived in even when you aren’t there. Don’t let mail or newspapers pile up, keep the yard maintained, and make sure any bushes or shrubs are trimmed on a regular basis. You may also consider installing automatic timers on lights so your house doesn’t sit dark at night.

Use technology

The cost of technology is getting more and more affordable. What is even more incredible is the amount of features you can now access on a smart phone from anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking to install smart lights, smart locks, video cameras or a whole array of other security features the reality is technology is your friend when it comes to monitoring your home from afar. Remember even something as simple as mounting a few cameras on your property can be a huge deterrent to would-be thieves. Add some smart lights and for a a manageable investment you can add a lot of protection to your home.

Know your neighbors

Your neighbors are a great first line of defense. Did you know that neighborhoods with close knit neighbors experience less crime and break ins. It is true. It is the old saying that nothing beats and extra pair of eyes. If you have neighbors you trust let them know your travel plans or when you will be in the area v. when you will be renting the property. A little bit of common sense goes a long way and a simple phone call from a neighbor could help you prevent a big headache. It is also a great idea to ask your neighbors to make sure there isn’t excessive mail, newspapers or packages on the front porch. Nothing says, out of town, like five days worth of newspapers in the driveway.

Check your window and door locks

Just like going to the doctor for a check up it doesn’t hurt to give your home security a quick review before traveling or closing up your beach house for the winter. The statistics make it clear that a lot of burglaries are unforced. What does that mean? Simply, put is means a lock is left unlocked or a window is left open. Thieves are opportunist and love an easy target. Make sure your home isn’t an easy target. Take some time to update your locks, check that the windows all have good locks and keep things like ladders inaccessible. Don’t forget to check on basement doors and things like detached garages and sheds.

Take photos and keep good records

One frustrating aspect of dealing with a burglary is being able to identify your stolen items. Make use of your smart phone by taking pictures of all the valuable items. Use the phone to snap pictures of serial numbers on expensive items. Serial numbers help the police and insurance adjusters recover and identify stolen goods. Another good idea is to make complete records of items that are irreplaceable, include receipts and other pertinent information and if possible store it remotely or on the cloud.

Hire a landscaping company

A landscaping company is a great way to make your property look great and look lived in. Fresh cut grass and tidy hedges let those with bad intentions think someone is home. It is also a great way to have people lay eyes on the house. Any honest landscaper will let you know if they see something out of the ordinary.

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Easy Ways to Keep Your Beach Home Safe and Secure

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