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Discover Why Fall is a Great Time of Year for Golf

North Carolina is famous for a lot of great things; beautiful beaches, BBQ, college basketball and of course, golf! If there is a golfer’s heaven then the North Carolina coast is it. Ocean Isle Beach is right in the middle of golfer’s paradise, located near several amazing golf courses that are perfect for your fall vacation on the links. Golfers are like truffle pigs, always searching for that perfect course. Well, this post is for you! Today we will give you links (pardon the pun) to all the best courses in the area. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy the less crowded courses and beautiful fall weather. The best part? Your day begins and ends on beautiful Ocean Isle Beach.

Three reasons to hit the links this fall

No crowds

Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year on Ocean Isle Beach, and one of the best things about fall is that the crowds are gone. Ocean Isle Beach is a small community and we thankfully are rarely crowded, but fall is ideal. Whether you want to play golf, go fishing or just sit back on your deck watching the waves roll in, nothing beats fall on Ocean Isle Beach.

Best value

The shoulder season is not only an awesome time of year to find a great deal on an Ocean Isle Beach vacation home, it is also a great time to take advantage of discounts on tee-times, restaurants and other attractions.

Stay fit

Did you know that the average distance walked on an 18-hole golf course is between 3-6 miles? If you are counting your steps there are few ways that are better than walking a round of golf. Add in the benefit of carrying your bags and you have a calorie shredding day of fun ahead of you. With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas coming, burning a few extra calories is great idea.

Five tips for a day on the course


During the fall it is important to walk the course for a couple of reasons. One – you’re getting ready to go into the winter off-season so keeping in shape is important. Walking is a great way to maintain your fitness level. Even more important, on cool fall days, walking will help you stay warm and limber during your play which is ultimatelygoing to lead to better scores and less chance of injury.

Layer Clothing

North Carolina is famous for beautiful but changing weather. This is never more true than during the fall. Be prepared for cool temperatures, a little rain or changes in the wind all of which can wreak havoc not only on your game but on your comfort. By layering up you can make sure to stay comfortable throughout the day. Consider a base layer that allows a good range of motion (Under Armour is great for this). Also, don’t forget a windbreaker of some sort.

Club Up

Particularly during the morning and later in the season you will experience cooler temperatures. Cold temps equal less distance on your shots, so when in doubt, club up one club. This is particularly important on approach shots!

Ball Selection

Not only will you need to club up, but you might want to consider using a softer ball. Harder balls are great in hotter weather, but when it is cold you will lose a lot of feel with the harder balls particularly on the green. You will sacrifice some distance on the tee but will like the better control of a softer ball on the green.

Course Debris

Fall is, well, fall! That means wind, falling leaves, and swirling pine needles on the green. Sure, golf courses do a great job keeping the courses clear, however, you can’t control Mother Nature. Take extra care to plan your shot, and recon the green (particularly when putting). You’ll find a lot more obstructions during fall than during your normal summer play.

Area Golf Courses

Brunswick Plantation and Golf Club

380 Brunswick Drive, Calabash, NC 28467910-845-6935

The Pearl Golf Links

1300 Pearl BlvdCalabash, NC 28467910-579-813

The Thistle Golf Club

1815 Olde Thistle Club RdSunset Beach, NC 28468910-444-2500

Discover Why Fall is a Great Time of Year for Golf

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