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Cures for Too Much Sun Fun in Ocean Isle that Will Blow Your Mind

Late August and September are far from the end of summer here on Ocean Isle Beach. With many long beautiful sun drenched days still ahead, there is still time to get some quality sun worshipping in with the help of Williamson Realty Vacations.

Ocean Isle Beach offers a beautiful retreat from the rush of everyday life. Nothing is quite as relaxing as siting on the beach taking in the natural beauty of Ocean Isle Beach. Your worries and stresses melt away to the soothing rhythm of the ocean.

However, no matter how hard most of us try to avoid it, the dreaded sunburn can still happen, even in these late summer months.Don’t fret! Today we discuss the best all natural remedies and sun protection for your family.These all natural, chemical free remedies are simple, cheap and effective, allowing you to get right back to enjoying your Williamson Realty Beach Vacation.

Sun Worshippers

Ocean Isle Beach Sun Worshippers

Let’s all be honest for a minute? Sunscreen is like flossing, sure, ideally your supposed to do it after every meal, but none of us do (except you visiting dentist). Same can be said for sunscreen. Reapplying after every splash in the waves sounds, well, a lot like work. Getting a five year old to sit still long enough to be slathered with sunscreen is like trying to herd cats in a summer rain. And so it happens, the dreaded sunburn. A sunburn can ruin your day and disrupt your vacation. Most products you find at the local drug store are loaded with chemicals and ingredients that are great for high Scrabble scores, but not so great for the body, or the environment. Don’t want to miss a minute of that beautiful Ocean Isle Beach experience? We have you covered with some inexpensive easy, and best of all, non-toxic solutions to treat and protect you from the sun. These alternatives offer great protection and relief without exposing your family to harsh chemicals or additives.

Defense is Offense

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

It is as true for basketball as it is for sun protection. The best way to deal with a sunburn is to avoid one in the first place. Here are three easy methods to protect yourself and your loved ones while enjoying your Williamson Realty Vacation.

Natural Sunscreens– Sunscreens come in sprays, gels, and lotions. Almost all are loaded with chemicals that are potentially harmful to both you, and the environment. The minimum SPF recommended by the FDA, is SPF 30. Mother Nature produces several natural/organic ingredients which allows some manufacturers to produce effective chemically free sunscreens. Beeswax, Sunflower Oil, Lavender, and Seabuckthorn is one such combination that makes a great safe alternative to your standard chemical infused sunscreens. Organic sunscreens come in scented, unscented, active, waterproof, kids safe versions, and in several other varieties. There is an organic chemical free product to meet all your sunscreen needs. Click here, to see one such selection of organic/natural sunscreens.

Best Clothing Choices- One of thesimplest ways to protect yourself from the sun is by utilizing some of the latest in chemical free hi-techbeachwear. Traditionally, beachwear boasting UV protection was made with chemically altered fabrics which provided the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). The problem is most of these chemically altered products include known endocrine disruptors like oxybenzones. Is there a better choice? Yes! Recent technology, mainly involving the way fabrics are woven, can provide chemically free swimwear which still offer great UPF protection. Chemical free bathing suits, rash tops and hats are available from several manufactures. From the little ones, to the adults there are plenty of chemical free products available to choose from on the market today.

Hats and More Hats-No beach trip is complete without yourfavorite hat. Ultimately, your best choice is the wide brim hat. Leave that trucker hat for when the sun goes down, the mesh top will offer almost no protection from the sun. Sure your kids are going to cringe when you put one of these giant saucers on your head, but your dermatologist will love you. Wide brim hats can be made out of materials such as cotton, wicker, bamboo and even some synthetic fabrics all of which are light, breathable, and will keep the sun from damaging that fragile scalp. Remember to get one with enough coverage to protect the back of your neck. Throw one of these babies on, lay back, and take a well deserved nap enjoying that wonderful Ocean Isle Beach breeze.

Cure for the Burn

Cure for the Burn

Raw Honey-Being long known for its curative qualities, and powerful antimicrobial properties, makes this one of your best natural remedies. The wound healing benefits of honey are well documented and make it one of the easiest and safest remedies for dealing with that pesky sunburn. How does Honey work? Honey’s thick consistency provides a protective barrier allowing the sunburn to retain moisture, which in turn promotes healing. Its naturally antibacterial rich properties provide protection from infection. This combination of antibacterial and moisture retaining properties makes honey an ideal salve. To use this remedy simply apply the raw honey to the wound, and let the healing begin. One note of caution: Raw Honey is not suitable for children under 12 months of age. Have an itch for more of the science of raw honey Click here!

Aloe-This succulentisn’t just the one plant we can all keep alive, it is also wonderful for treating sunburns and other minor burns. Don’t feel like traveling with a succulent in your suitcase. No problem, Aloe is easy to find in sprays, gels, oils, and ointments, all of which will soothe your sunburn. We recommend products containing100% Pure Aloe.Be careful, many products claim to be 100% pure, but actually have additives like alcohol or other harsh chemicals.A small bottle is convenient and easy to carry to the beach.

Milk-Got Milk? If so, you have a wonderful all natural way to ease the pain of a sunburn. To use this remedy just do the following: 1) Head to the fridge, (your going to want cold milk). 2) Grab some Oreos from the cupboard (optional, but can’t hurt). 3) Take a clean wash cloth and soak it in the cold milk. 4) Apply the wash cloth to the affected area allowing it to soak into the sunburn. How does the magic of milk work? Milk’s protein rich formula helps in reducing pain. The fat contained in milk locks in moisture, and prevents the skin from drying. Oreos, well they just make everything better.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar-Loaded with antiseptic properties and a natural ability to help balance the skin’s pH makes this remedy a go to natural remedy for sunburn. Safe for kids and adults alike, while being easy to apply, makes this one of our favorite remedies. Raw apple cider vinegar can be applied a few different ways. One simple method is to take a small spray bottle. Fill it with Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and a little coconut oil (optional), and then gently mist the sunburn. You will be amazed how quickly the pain will subside. Another easy method is to take a clean washcloth (tip: put washcloth in fridge for an hour to cool it). Soak it in the Raw apple cider vinegar and place it on the burn for about fifteen minutes. For children who are often more prone to burns, fill a bath tub with Luke warm water, add two or three cups of raw apple cider vinegar. Allow for about a 15 minute bath. You should see an improvement almost immediately. Want more science about Raw Apple Cider Vinegar? Click here!

Remember, you’re not in Kansas anymore. Here on Ocean Isle Beach, August, September and even early October are still summer. It’s ok to be jealous. With beautiful breezes, cooler nights and sun drenched days it isn’t too late to book that Williamson Realty Vacation! Pack up the kids, take up a southerly heading, leave the clouds and the fall behind summer is still awaits. There is something for everyone in Ocean Isle Beach, just make sure to pack the sunscreen because summer ain’t over here!

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