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Coastal Christmas Crafts That Will Make Your Vacation Sparkle

Everything is better with glitter, right?? This Christmas, why not infuse a little creative spirit into your holidays? Seasonal crafts and DIY projects are a perfect way to spend your time while vacationing in Ocean Isle Beach. Allow yourself to be inspired by seascape, and hot glue your way to some fabulous coastal Christmas decor! From ornaments, to centerpieces and wall art, there are so many fun projects to choose from. We have a picked a few of our favorites to share with you. So be sure to bag an extra bag, filled with your craft supplies, before you head to the beach for your holiday getaway!

Ocean Wave Map Ornament

Ocean Wave Map

This too cute ornament is super easy to make. Simply paint the blank wooden ornament in the color of your choice, cut out a wave from a local Ocean Isle Beach map & trim to fit ornament, Mod Podge or glue the wave onto the painted ornament, then outline the wave with a glitter glue pen! Want to add something extra special to your ornament? Find a little seashell, that already has a hole in it, and attach it to the ornament’s jute hanger. What a great way to revisit amazing holiday memories, Christmas after Christmas!
Supplies Needed:
wooden blank ornament (available at craft stores)
craft paint
paint brush
Mod Podge or glue
glitter glue pen

Salt Dough Starfish Garland

This is a great tutorial for making Salt Dough Starfish. All you have to do is follow the directions, and repeat… to make a garland. You can also hang individual Salt Dough Starfish as ornaments or gift tags. Think about all of the options when it come to salt dough. You could make sand dollars, shells, “gingerbread” men, and so much more. The ingredients are also really easy to find at the local grocery store.

Supplies Needed:
Clear Acrylic Sealer
Cookie Sheet
Tooth pick/ink pen

Driftwood and Seashell Christmas Tree

Driftwood and Seashell Christmas Tree

Want a Christmas Tree that doesn’t drop pine needles? This little table top driftwood tree is perfect shore decor. If you are looking for driftwood on Ocean Isle Beach, and not having any luck on the ocean side, then scout out public access area on the sound side. Soak your driftwood in a mild bleach solution, and then dry. Assemble your tree using small nails or glue, and then finish joints by criss-crossing with jute or twine. Comb the beach for shells that already have a hole, for easy hanging. Can’t find a starfish for your tree topper? Check some of Ocean Isle Beaches local shops. Stand your tree in a flower pot, bowl, or vase, filled with sand or rock and then topped with Spanish moss or shells.

Supplies Needed:
Various sizes of driftwood
Various shells/starfish
small nails or glue
jute or twine
sand or pebble
flower pot/vase/bowl

Sand Dollar “HO HO HO” Sign

Sand Dollar

Here in the south, we say “Hey ya’ll”, but Santa still says “Ho. Ho. Ho.” Add of splash of holiday magic to your Christmas decor with this cute sign, or use it as a gift! This sign is super easy to make. If you find yourself already on vacation, and away from your tools, head over to Lowe’s Home Improvement in Shallotte. Find a piece of pine shelving board, approximately 6 inches wide, and have an associate cut the board into desired lengths (approx. 24 inches). Gently sand the edges of the board, and then apply a coat of paint in your desired background color. Once that dries, stencil or freehand you H’s in the desired color. Be sure to space them evenly. Then, use a hot glue gun to add your sand dollars. If you would like to add a frame, have Lowe’s cut appropriate lengths of 1X2’s, paint in desired colors, and simply attach with wood glue and small nails. Rest assured your sign will look coastal Christmas amazing, with or without a frame!

Supplies Needed:
Shelving board
Paint (2-3 colors)
Paint brushes
Stencils (optional)
Glue gun
3 Sand Dollars
Wood Glue (for frame)
Small nails (for frame)
1×2 stripes of wood (for frame)

Coastal Glam Centerpiece

To add some extra bling to your coastal holiday, then how about making a centerpiece? It’s easy!! Just fill any bowl or basket with your favorite glass ball ornaments, add shells & starfish (with or without a coat of glitter), and then embellish with old rhinestone broaches. To create a glittered shell, simply spread a thin layer of glue, and then sprinkle with a generous layer of glitter in your color choice. Once dry, hold shell over a trash can and shake off excess glitter. If you want to go for a more natural themed centerpiece, then fill a bowl or basket with glass ornaments, pinecones, shells, driftwood, and Spanish moss. So pretty!!

Supplies Needed:
Glass Ball Ornaments
Old Rhinestone Jewelry
Do you have any DIY decorative or gift ideas for this holiday season? We would love to hear about it… or better yet… show us a picture! Don’t want to fuss with holiday decorations, but want to be surrounded by luxurious coastal decor and style? Then when not book a Williamson Realty Vacation rental? Contact us today!
Coastal Christmas Crafts That Will Make Your Vacation Sparkle Pin
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