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Chicken Salad That Will Make Your Picnic Basket the Best

There is no doubt that picnic season will be kicking off before we know it. Whether you are off for a day-trip adventure, or embarking on your annual beach vacation to Ocean Isle Beach…we want to help you pack the perfect picnic basket. So put down that ham & cheese, and step away from the Doritos! Allow us to introduce you to a quintessential southern cold salad that is sure to please your whole family. It’s easy to make, a little goes a long way, and it is oh, so delicious! You are going to love the addition of Southern Chicken Salad to your picnic basket!!

If you were to survey 100 different southern women, you would probably get 100 different recipes for the perfect chicken salad. Great southern conflicts have erupted over the use of Salad Dressing versus Mayonnaise. Here in eastern NC, we take these things very seriously! We want you to have an authentic experience with your Southern Chicken Salad, so we are encouraging you to choose locally sourced North Carolina products. Not only will it taste amazing, but it will also make your heart happy.

Southern Companies That Will Make Your Dollar Count

Tradition is important to every culture. And we want to share a few of our Southern traditions with you. Duke’s Mayonnaise, is celebrating it’s 100th year of business this year. This spread made it’s debut during WWI in the southern training camps of Greenville, South Carolina. Female entrepreneur, Eugenia Duke, made and sold delectable sandwiches with her homemade spread to soldiers. It didn’t take long for her sandwiches to become world-famous. Today, we enjoy her mayo from the convenience of our grocery store shelves.

Likewise, Mt. Olive Pickles is steeped in tradition, and celebrated it’s 90th year…and is still growing. The company even hosts the annual Pickle Festival in Mt. Olive, NC every April. But Mt. Olive isn’t your only choice for locally grown and produced pickles. Visit the local farmers market, such as Holden Brothers Farm Market in Shallotte, NC, and pick up a jar of homemade canned pickles! Oh so good!!

Chicken Salad Recipe Card

We keep our Southern Chicken Salad very simple. But if you really, really want to…you can add finely chopped onion and even a boiled egg.

One of the awesome things about Southern Chicken Salad is that it can be served so many ways: on a sandwich with white bread or a croissant, on top of a salad, on crackers, inside of celery stalks, in a wrap, on cucumber slices, by itself with big wedges of fresh tomato…the list goes on and on! And don’t forget serve your Southern Chicken Salad with a tall glass of sweet iced tea!

However you decide to serve your Southern Chicken Salad, we hope that the gorgeous beaches of Ocean Isle are a part of your picnic equation. And if you are looking for a place to grill up those chicken legs for dinner, then we would love to help you find a beach vacation rental for your family! Williamson Realty Vacations is only a click or a phone call away!

Chicken Salad That Will Make Your Picnic Basket the Best Pin

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