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Amazingly Simple and Fun Ways to Stay Connected

Staying in touch with friends and family has always been important, but might have been easier before COVID-19. However, with the help of technology and a little creativity we can still stay connected with our friends and family. Whether you have a loved one in quarantine or are just going a little stir crazy with the stay at home orders, these simple and easy to use apps and tricks can help you bring those you love just a little bit closer to each other. Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay connected – remotely.


If you have an iPhone or other Apple product you’ll love the simplicity of FaceTime. This easy to use video call app makes virtual visits to your friends and family a breeze. All you need is a supported device and an account (which is free) and you’re ready to go.

One of the best things about a video chat app like FaceTime is it allows you the ability to share those special moments, like the kids birthday or a grandchild’s first steps. Don’t be intimidated by FaceTime, in many ways it’s easier than making a phone call. Need some guidance on using FaceTime? Check out this quick video tutorial for all the answers to your questions.

Have a virtual movie party

We all love movies and of course, we all love Netflix, but did you know that Netflix has a plugin for Google Chrome that lets you have a Netflix Party? Yup, that’s right – you can now binge watch your favorite shows with your friends and family no matter where they are. Here’s how:

The Netflix Partyplugin is free and easy to use. Just download Netflix Party and install it. Log in, open up your chosen feel-good flick, click the ‘NP’ and share your party URL. There’s also a group chat feature where you can upload screenshots, emojis and even GIFs. So have no fear you can still have that fun banter with your friends while enjoying your favorite flick or show. The only thing Netflix Party won’t do is pop the popcorn.

Stay connected with workout buddies

From cycling to running, many outdoor activities can still be a part of your life even while social distancing. Training alone is never as fun as it is in a group. If you love a little friendly competition or encouragement, but miss your group, walk, run, or bike ride try Strava. Strava is a free app and it has all sorts of ways of sharing routes, personal best times, and encouragement with things like leaderboards. All you do is pick a username and start sharing your runs or rides. You can even compete on specific trails or routes against other’s personal best times. You’ll love it and it’s really easy to use.

Write a letter

Sending a letter is a unique and fun way to communicate. Since the current events are such a radical departure from normal daily life, sending letters can be an interesting way to share your thoughts and observations with loved ones. For parents this is a great way to get the kids to practice their writing skills. Remember you can get stamps at the grocery store so you don’t need any extra stops.

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Stay connected with Skype

Skype is very easy to use and is also user friendly regardless of what type of smartphone, desktop, or tablet you use. Skype has been around along time and is one of the pioneers in the video chatting app category. Now is a great time to use Skype to check in with those distant relatives. The best feature of Skype is you can have up to 50 people share a group video chat. Are you thinking what we’re thinking… virtual family reunion! You could even use it to get together and start planning that Ocean Isle Beach vacation.

Share a playlist

Music has a way of lifting our spirits. Did you know that apps like Spotify, Soundcloud and Apple iTunes all have ways to share playlists of your favorite music? The apps are simple and easy to use and all of them have free versions if you don’t want to buy a subscription. What’s your favorite music? Want to learn about a unique form of music? Check out one of our earlier post about Carolina Beach music.

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Make a group text

Did you know that on certain platforms like the iPhone you can make group texts? For example, we have one for “family” which allows us to have all of our family members in one easy text group. Send one message and everyone sees it. It doesn’t get any easier than that to check in on relatives from all over the country or even just a few blocks away. It may sound silly, but we think you’ll agree it creates a nice feeling of connectivity with loved ones.

Amazingly Simple and Fun Ways to Stay Connected

What’s your favorite way to stay in touch?

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