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5 Things to Avoid at the Beach

We all love the beach, and there are few places on earth that are as relaxing and family friendly as Ocean Isle Beach. However, like any destination, there are a few things that you might want to avoid. Luckily, for us, those things are not what you normally worry about at home. Since Ocean Isle Beach is a small town and very family-oriented, odds are great that you will have a stress-free and fun family vacation. That being said, here are a five things to consider before you take your next vacation, especially if this is your first time visiting the North Carolina Coast.

Water Safety

Forgetting water safety

It sounds simple enough, but we all get excited when we get to the beach. However, it is critical for families with kids is to review water safety rules. Whether you are planning to be near the pool, at the beach or maybe kayaking, water is everywhere on Ocean Isle Beach. Take a few minutes to sit down with the kids and review the rules. This is also a good time to make sure you have appropriate flotation devices for the little ones.

Not reading our blog

One of the best things you can do to have a great Ocean Isle Beach vacation is to read our blog. Our weekly blog covers all sorts of vacation related topics. We also keep you up to date with local events and attractions. Whether you are looking for a great recipe or want to discover everything you want to know about off-shore fishing, we likely have blog about it.

Sunscreen Blog

Getting burned by the sun

We all love soaking up that beautiful North Carolina sunshine. However, as we all know, the sun is a double-edged sword. Too much of it, and we risk getting sunburned, which is especially bad for the little ones in the family.Remember to apply sunscreen before you head out for the day. Consider investing in shirts with SPF protection and always wear a hat. For more reading, check out our previous post: Everything You Need to Know About Sunscreen.

Forgetting travel insurance

Travel insurance is an important part of planning any beach vacation. Most people only think about their vacation being canceled or cut short because of weather. However, travel insurance protects against all sorts of vacation delaying or canceling events. While each policy cover specific losses, most cover delays related to a death in the family, military deployment, and of course, hurricanes. For more information on why you want to avoid heading to the beach without travel insurance, read our post: How to Protect Your Beach Vacation With Travel Insurance.

Vacation Planning

Not planning ahead

If you are like most of us, a family vacation is a big expense. Therefore, it is important to take some time to plan ahead. By having a plan you will ensure that you have a budget and get to see and do the things you want to do on Ocean Isle Beach. With Covid as a factor, it is a good idea to plan ahead to make sure that specific attractions are open. The beach is a great place to social distance, but it’s a good idea to check to see if museums, events and specific destinations are open prior to your arrival.

Of course, one thing you definitely want to avoid is missing out on your 2021 summer beach vacation. Remember, there are a lot of benefits of booking early. When you book early you get the widest selection of homes to choose from and the very best dates. So go ahead put in the vacation request at work, click the button below, and begin planning your vacation today. If you need additional help, give us a call at 800-727-9222 to speak with one of our friendly reservationists.

5 Things to Avoid at the Beach

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