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5 Things NOT to Bring to the Beach During Your Ocean Isle Vacation Header | Williamson Realty Vacations OIB Rentals

Knowing what to bring to the beach during your Ocean Isle, NC beach vacation is important—but so is knowing what NOT to bring. You don’t want to waste your valuable time, packing space, or energy bringing things you can’t use on the beach during your vacation anyway. Today, we’re highlighting 5 things that are better left behind and/or not allowed on the beach strand. We hope this helps as you prepare for your next OIB vacation.

1.🚫 Glass containers

When you’re packing up your beach cooler, skip the glass bottles. Broken glass and beaches don’t go well together for obvious reasons. Instead opt for aluminum, plastic, or reusable stainless steel drink containers. Please remember to pick up any trash, recycling, or other litter and dispose of it properly when you leave the beach.

2.🚫 Electric, battery or wind-powered vehicles

Motor vehicles, battery-powered or wind-powered vehicles are not permitted on the dunes or the Ocean Isle Beach strand. Bicycles are also not allowed on the beach from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Battery operated wheelchairs are always allowed. Speaking of wheelchairs, did you know that beach wheelchairs are available at no charge on afirst come first servebasis from the Ocean Isle Beach Planning and Inspections Department? They are! You can read more about that here.

3. 🚫 Cabanas, tents, canopies or awnings

Cabanas, tents and canopies are not allowed on Ocean Isle Beach at any time. You can bring umbrellas, infant pop-up tents (no larger than 46”L x 36”D x 36”H), and wind-powered sunshades (one continuous pole with fabric no larger than 160 sq ft) to use on the beach for shade. Check out the photo below! Also remember that all beach equipment must be removed from the beach strand on a daily basis.

Example of a wind-powered sunshade by allowed on Ocean Isle Beach | Williamson Realty Ocean Isle Beach Vacation Rentals

Wind-powered sunshades now allowed on Ocean Isle Beach. See the updated ordinancehere.

4.🚫 Fireworks or Fire Starters

Fireworks are not allowed by NC state law. If you want to see fireworks on the beach, plan tovacation over the Fourth of July holiday and watch the fireworks display set off at the Ocean Isle Beach Pier. They’re awesome! Also, no fires can be made on the beach, on the dunes, or other public places. While on the topic, it’s helpful to read up on the grilling rules and firepit rules, as well.

5.🚫 Stress or Worries

This is your well-deserved vacation time—so it’s perfectly acceptable to leave your worries and stress behind, if only for a little while. You’re on island time and in a beach state of mind when you vacation on Ocean Isle Beach. Forget your watch, your busy calendar, and your daily to-do list—and instead focus on the sun, the sand, the salty air, and the sea. Have a great beach vacation!

You can find more information about these and additional Ocean Isle Beach rules and regs over on the website. Read it over before you arrive and discuss with your family to help everyone have a safe and enjoyable beach vacation.

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5 Things NOT to Bring to the Beach During Your Ocean Isle Vacation Pinterest | Williamson Realty Vacations OIB Rentals
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