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10 Beach Hacks That Will Make Your Ocean Isle Vacation Epic

Are you ready for sun, sand, and surf this summer in Ocean Isle Beach. Are you looking forward to have some epic family fun on your Ocean Isle Beach beach vacation? If you are like me, just getting ready to go the beach can be an exhausting experience. You HAVE to take all the right things with you, or else you will be out of luck! We don’t want you to get caught at the beach without the things you need, and we certainly want going to the beach to be as easy of possible for you.

Take a few minutes now to check out these 10 awesome beach hacks that we have rounded-up for you! Trust me, it will save you time later!! Your Ocean Isle Beach Vacation is waiting for you…so be beach ready with these hacks!

Beach Toys

1. Mesh Laundry Bag for Beach Toys

If you have small children, there is a VERY good chance that you will be hauling sand toys to the beach. But what about when it comes time to take those sandy toys back home? A mesh laundry bag for your beach toys makes clean up a breeze. Before you leave the beach, simply place all toys in the mesh bag, rinse, shake dry…and you are good to go!

2. Upcycled Creamer Bottle For Sand Free Snacks

Sandy hands and snacks don’t mix. Especially if it is a shared snack!!! Wash and dry an empty creamer container…which will make the perfect beach snack container!! Voila! Sand free snacks via an upcycled creamer bottle.

3. Upcycled Jar Becomes Waterproof Storage!Waterproof Storage

Have an empty peanut butter jar, or something similar in size? Don’t throw it in the recycle bin! They make a great waterproof and floating storage container to hold your valuables. Keep your phone, keys, and wallet safe while at the beach, pool, or boating!!

4. Sandwich Making Made Easy

I LOVE this idea!! Who has time to make 12 different sandwiches for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park?! This hack tells you to make one giant sandwich, and then just cut it into smaller pieces! It is sandwich making made easy. Think of it like a sub sandwich…but on delicious Hawaiian bread rolls…and in a size that is perfect for little hands!!

5. The Best DIY Beach Blanket

Blanket Hack

Looking for a great beach blanket? Then look no further than this DIY project. In just a few minutes, and with
just a few dollars, you can have a light weight, easy to store, quick drying, DIY beach blanket. HINT: If you buy the flat sheet (pictured in the link) from Walmart…it comes in a useable cloth bag!! Perfect for storing your new beach blanket!

6. Summer Car Kit

Don’t get caught without summer essentials in your car! This Summer Car Kit will help keep you prepared for all kinds of awesome Ocean Isle Beach vacation fun.

Plastic Bag

7. Zip Tops Bags Keep Clean Clothes Dry & Sand Free

So you go the beach, and you throw a change of dry clothes in your beach bag for you and the kiddos. But when you go to change into those clothes…they are wet and sandy!!! Not fun!! Here is a great hack…use plastic zip top bags to keep your clothes dry and sand free. Easy!!

8. Beach & Pool Bag Reusable Checklists

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a pre-made checklist to use before you head out to the beach or the pool? That way you don’t leave anything back at your vacation rental home? Well, Girl Loves Glam has created free printable checklists for you!! All you have to do is print them out, laminate them, and remember to use them. HINT: Attach them to your pool or beach bag!
See all of properties with POOLS!!

9. Pre-picked Summer Beach ReadsSummer Reads

You have your beach chair and umbrella set up on the beach…now all you need is a good book to read! Don’t know what book would make a great summer read? Check out this pre-picked list of great books for the beach.

10. Fresh Shaved Legs Without Salt Water Burn!

Ouch!! Ladies, have you ever shaved your legs right before going to the beach…only to feel the burn and irritation once your enter the salt water? One blogger has a great tip for avoiding that salt water burn!! Check it out!

Now do you feel more prepared for a beach vacation to Ocean Isle Beach? What are some of your favorite beach hacks?!

10 Beach Hacks That Will Make Your Ocean Isle Vacation Epic Pin

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