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10 Awesome Apps For Your Family Beach Vacation | Williamson Realty Vacations

We all love our smart phones. Most of us cannot live without them and while half the time we say we need it for work, but really we are just playing Angry Birds. However, there are a lot of great tools available that can make life a little bit less hectic and your vacations even more relaxing. This week we take a look at ten apps that do exactly that. Grab your phone and get ready to download these amazing apps.


Do you love to listen to music on the beach? TuneIn features over 100,000 radio stations
from all over the world. With the app you also get streaming access to
concerts, podcasts, talk shows, and other series. From NPR to the BBC news TuneIn
has you covered. From oldies to alternative there is something for everyone
(even mom and dad). Check out this app and enjoy the tunes.


Are you into surfing, windsurfing or kiteboarding? If you are this is the perfect app for you. It is even useful for all you sea kayakers. This app lets you consult the surf forecasts of your favorite beaches. There is a ton of information right at your fingertips that includes wave heights, wind conditions and tides.

My Radar

Whether you like golf, the pool, or just out exploring Ocean Isle Beach, knowing the weather is critical. The MyRadar App allows you to have specific up to the minute weather and radar imagery. The app tracks your location so you always know what is going on near you.

Beach Safety

While this is not the most sophisticated app on our list, this app makes up for it with loads of great information about beach safety. From how to recognize and escape from a riptide to providing helpful information about jellyfish stings, this app is well worth the download.

Tides Near Me

A beach can feel dramatically different at high or low tide, and seeing the tides swell or ebb can be a cool sight. Thisfree tide forecasting appis available for iPhone and Android. It takescurrent tide conditions and delivers forecasts of high and low tides, complete with maps.


Sunburns are no laughing matter, especially for your little ones? The folks who created theQSunApp can help you prevent sunburn. The app tells you how long you can stay outside before getting sunburned. The App uses information like your skin type and location and then tells you when you need to get out of the sun. Qsun even tells you how much sunscreen to apply and how often.The most interesting feature is the “Time to Burn” feature which shows how long youcan be exposed to the sun before developing a sunburn. The app calculates things such as the UV index, environmental conditions,skin type, and amount of sunscreen applied.

Pack Point

This app shows you what to bring based on the length of your trip, the weather in your destination, and any activities you’re planning along the way. If you’ll have access to laundry facilities in your destination, PackPoint even allows you to account for washing your clothes and wearing them multiple times.

Gas Buddy

Let’s face it, we all love a deal and saving money. One of the easiest ways to save a little time is by finding the best deals on gas. The GasBuddy app uses your location to shop for the best gas prices in your area. The app works for diesel or regular fuel. This app is really easy to use and can save you hundred of dollars over the course of a year.

Star Walk 2

The next-generation app for all you stargazers out there. Star Walk 2 is the upgraded version of the best-selling, award-winning Star Walk. Star Walk 2 enables you to simply point your smartphone or iPad up towards the sky, and you’ll be instantly shown the positions of the stars, planets, constellations, comets, satellites, and just about everything else that’s floating out there in deep space. This is the perfect app to have for a night walk with the kids on Ocean Isle Beach.


Do you love audio books? If you do, then the Audible App is perfect for you. Audible features a huge selection of audiobooks in every conceivable genre. The service is provided by Amazon and for $14.95 a month, you get to download one book of your choice. The books are yours, so no stress about finishing them. Once downloaded you have unlimited access to the book.

Now that you have all the best Apps it’s time to plan your Ocean Isle Beach vacation. We don’t have an App but we do have a friendly and dedicated staff who are here to assist you with finding the perfect vacation home. You can also click the button below and use our safe and secure website to visit, compare and book your favorite Ocean Isle Beach home.

10 Awesome Apps For Your Family Beach Vacation | Williamson Realty Vacations

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