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10 Ways to Stay Safe in and Enjoy the Sun at the Same Time

We all love the sun, but the suns UV (ultraviolet) rays are sneaky. UV light is invisible and can reach you by reflecting off another surface, like pool water. In fact, they can even pass through glass, which is why most of us have more sun damage on the left side of our face from exposure while driving. Of course, we all love the sun and while at the beach we all look forward to sunny days. The sun is good for us and provides essential Vitamin D, so this week we explore all the ways to stay safe in the sun while still getting to enjoy all the Summer fun at Ocean Isle Beach!

Use Common Sense

Use common sense as your first line of defense. According to the FDA, over-reliance on sunscreen is a risk. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss small patches of skin when applying sunscreen, which is enough to leave you at risk for sunburn and its associated long-term risks. The best move is to begin with common sense which is most of what we’ll be sharing, but always think in the back of your mind about how the sun is effecting you.

mother applying sunscreen to daughter | Williamson Realty

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must while out in the sun. It’s easy to use and one of the first lines of defense against the sun’s rays. The easiest way to protect your skin is by consistently applying a good quality sunscreen. This is particularly important for the little ones in the family.

Don’t forget sunscreen washes off in the water and with sweat. Continue to reapply your sunscreen several times a day.

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Hats Are Your Friend

The beach is the perfect place for a hat. Your scalp is a sensitive area and few of us are willing to slather sunscreen in our hair. Instead, the best thing to do is where a hat.

When choosing a hat, look for something that is cool and breathable while also providing good protection. A wide brim hat is by far the best for this purpose.

Tip: Sunscreen expires. Make sure you check your expiration dates regularly.

Long Sleeves Are Perfect

With the advent of new fabrics that are both cool and offer UV protection, there’s no reason not to try a long sleeve shirt when spending a day on the water or at the beach. Many fishing shirts are specifically designed to offer great protection against the reflective UV rays from the water.

Kids love to be cool and many new surf or rash guards also provide UV protection. This is really helpful for parents, as tangling with the little ones trying to slather on sunscreen isn’t super fun. Add a rash shirt to help keep the kids safe while they splash around in the surf.

Umbrellas Are Great

A little shade can go a long way. Go ahead and buy a good umbrella or rent one. If you have a bit of shade, you not only reduce the harmful effects of the sun, but you also can knock off a few degrees of the high temperature. This is a great way to protect the little ones and avoid heat exhaustion.

Don’t Forget About the Car

We all think about the sun and the beach, but it’s important to remember the car can be a dangerous place in the Summer. Never leave children or pets alone in the car! Cars quickly heat up to temperatures well in excess of 100 degrees. These temperatures are quickly fatal to both pets and humans. Be safe. If you need to run into the store, make sure one parent stays in the car with the air conditioning on. Park in the shade and stay aware of the high temperatures.

woman drinking water on the beach | Williamson Realty

Stay Hydrated

During the heat of the day, one of the most important things you can do is to stay hydrated! The key to hydration is water. Forget those sugary drinks and soda, simple water is always the best way to keep up with the fluids you loose on a hot day. Make sure to drink a lot and drink early, as dehydration can sneak up on you quickly.

little girl wearing sunglasses on the beach | Williamson Realty

Wear Sunglasses

Forgetting to take care of your eyes is a big mistake. The sun can easily damage your eyes. This is especially true while you are on the water. Sunglasses are not all made the same. Be sure to purchase sunglasses with a good UV rating and that are polarized. P.S… don’t forget the little ones! There eyes need protecting as well and there are tons of great options available for this purpose.

Watch the Time

There are times of the day that offer more exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun. If you have kids or are sensitive to the sun, then you might want to limit your time on the beach between 10 a.m and 4 p.m. which is when the sun is the strongest. Have no fear, the late afternoon is a great time to be on the beach and during the Summer it stays light out until at least 9 p.m.

Avoid Alcohol

A lot of people enjoy a ” cold one ” on the beach. However, you need to be careful not to over do it. Alcohol can actually cause you to dehydrate very quickly. So if you are going to partake, make sure to take it slow and continue to drink water throughout the day as well.

10 Ways to Stay Safe in and Enjoy the Sun at the Same Time

Stay Safe in the Sun This summer.

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