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Easy Ways to Connect With Your Teens During Your Beach Vacation

It is that time a year again, time for the family beach vacation. Family vacations should be fun and memorable experiences, but for parents it can often present challenges. This is especially true for those of us traveling with our teenage kids. Connecting with your t... View the full post »

Easy Tuna Recipes Everyone is Sure to Love

At one time or another, everyone has hung his or her head in disappointment when their mom slid that plate of soggy tunafish sandwiches in front of them. Don't despair – and don't give up on tuna. Here on Ocean Isle Beach, fresh tuna is easy to find and perhaps c... View the full post »

How To Create the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

Summer brings with it a lot of fun traditions. One of those traditions is having ice cream during your beach vacation. Soft serve, traditional, sundaes and cones, there really is no bad way to enjoy ice cream. However, there is an art to making the perfect sundae (or sunda... View the full post »

Ten Ways Your Smartphone Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Vacation

Smartphones are everywhere and many of us couldn't imagine life without these magical devices. Of course, for many of us our phones are not only good for great work tunes, but more and more they are part of our daily life. Whether you use it for games, planning, bankin... View the full post »