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5 Delicious and Easy Snacks That are Perfect for a Day on the Beach

Every parent knows all too well that a day on the beach requires a cooler full of snacks for the kids. It seems like the little ones (and especially teenagers) have ferocious appetites and always need a snack when you are farthest away from a place to get one. With each pl... View the full post »

How to Have a Great Day on the Beach with a Toddler

Few things are as fun as watching your toddler play in the sand or dip her toes in the ocean for the first time. A child's joyful spirit is exactly why we all love the beach. Of course, for mom and dad, taking little ones to the beach can be more challenging than relax... View the full post »

Technology Every Beach Lover Has to Have

The world has changed a lot since I was a kid splashing around in tidal pools looking for hermit crabs and other sea creatures. Whether you like it or not technology is here to stay and most of it makes our lives a lot easier and in many ways more fun. If you are one of th... View the full post »

Easy Ways to Get the Most Value Out of Your Vacation Budget

For many families planning a beach vacation is the highlight of the year. After all, everyone loves the beach and we could all use a little less stress in our lives. The beach is the perfect place to getaway from it all, recharge, and take in the soothing sounds of the oce... View the full post »